2015 The Age of Evolution


The World Revolution which ignited Worldwide in 2011 has continued and spread to the farthest of lands in all the Seven Continents, to the hill tops of native forests as remote as the islands of Hawaii to the jungles of the Philippines. Egypt’s revolution led to thousands dead and a military coup, letting the old dictator out free. The Arab Spring, the London Riots, Israel’s J14 on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, Spain’s 15M Indignados, Occupy Wall Street, Brazil, Idle No More Natives across the America’s, Turkey’s Occupy Gezi, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Portugal, Germany, China, Thailand, Niger, Yemen… the People have had enough and are SPEAKING up and no longer accepting to DO WRONG as a way of life.


Students worldwide are aware something is not right. Their debts run Tens of thousands for a program forced as the only system, and society is waking up to the fact that forcing these negative systems are wrong. It’s known only 5 companies control everything you see, read, hear, or know as western “free democratic news”. The real news is clamped hard and total bullshit propaganda is spewed out by presstitutes in the media every week. Anyone with a THOUGHT in their brain can easily SEEK TRUTH themselves on our INTERNET inter- dimensional world. It’s not even a “conspiracy” anymore- it’s publicly true. Few report on it, let alone heavily in focus. Public news announces it and backlogs it quietly behind huge drama packed news events, and few ever even know. That’s the difference between you.

There are two different aspects to corruption: Not Understanding and Hardening of the Heart, leaving one devoid of love and compassion while pursuing and fueling SYSTEMS & PROGRAMS which negatively harm others and other innocent animal living beings… both knowingly & unknowingly. The common ground which unites majority in the world, which makes us EQUAL is the fact that the “Corporate Entities” and their shareholders who keep its “Program” running indefinitely, see us all the same- as trash, disposable. Entities are artificial without the BREATH of LIFE, no spirit, no soul. When entities rule the world- that is a scary day. They are totally devoid of COMPASSION. A Corporate Entity is a “SOULLESS” SYSTEM meaning it is artificial, it was created by man, and long since have died and gone. The British system is a system from long ago. 2,015 years ago Rome reset the Year to ZERO hour unbeknownst to many humanity who fall into the slot of working like a SLAVE because “times are tough”- they are always tough- they have always been tough. You live amongst a corruption of the highest of levels in the world. Life is not meant to be a burden, a painful experience, but this corrupted PROGRAM is in place more than ever in ever sector and level- from food to government, to international banking, and the world at war- it is safe to say this madness is not the right way… There is always a way. Where there is a WILL there is a WAY. Remember that. Not everything is exactly what it may seem.

Mankind has connected our world instantaneously 24/7 to a virtual world- another dimensional plane in the astral ethers. The Great Internet Wars of the 21st Century have shown normal people with nothing to loose stand up digitally in the Hacktivist Revolutions. White Hats who care not for money, unite Anonymously to “Do Good”. People all around the world are connected to the big wave building. Everything is connected to everything else. We are all in this game together and we all die. We can not take anything with us. All our things stay. Our body is burned or buried like garbage to decompose. Life is about what you do, not what you look like. The body is just a shell for the incarnated personality consciousness. The spirit…. is Light.


Society is rotting like a glamourful model decked out in top of the line fabrics down to the shoes- all that glitters is illusion, as underneath cancer devours the essence of life. This is exactly the issue, as the United States of America is a living entity with shareholders and those who care about what that actually stands for. Truth, Liberty, Peace, Collective Evolution, Justice, and most of all FREEDOM- a cry rung out from sea to sea in 2015- Freedom from the corrupted corporate entities and their programs, which have defiled old kingdoms and transposed an international corporate council over multinational interests- known as the infamous “New World Order”, so famously stated by George H. W. Bush in a joint session of congress, September 11, 1990. It is now reality…

The best of simple farming families with “Good Will” stood together in America’s first Revolution for Liberation of unjust Foreign Royal Banking, which was a black plague upon all. They declared a list of their grievances. The British Occupation, the foreign Banking Trusts seeking to steal more of peoples monies, and the overall worldwide wave of revolution ignited the American Revolution. Known in history as the First World War [1754-1763] also called the Seven Years War. Battles erupted in great wars worldwide, leading to the French and American Revolutions. Few American’s even know about this era of history as it is simply not taught. Whats important is the tidal wave encircling not just one area or even two, but every where all at once- the whole world… This is known as a “Global Awakening” cycle, which throughout history repeats, as the term goes, “History repeats itself”.


A tidal wave swirled the world, sending huge changes globally. People began to notice the weathers changing. Spring merged with fall, and the hots and colds got hotter and colder, as stronger hurricanes, earthquakes, and devastating heatwaves, droughts, floods, and tornadoes pound the earth in new ways. A gigantic earthquake knocked earth off it’s axis, literally shifting our planet- slamming Japan, killing tens of thousands. Not only that, but the earthquake caused a tsunami which destroyed a nuclear power plant, causing radiation leakage into the seas, still happening to this very day- without a solution. Meanwhile, world scientists are calling our era- the “Sixth Great Extinction” on Planet Earth. Everything is dying in the seas. Massive die offs are occurring across nations from sea to sea. Something has obviously gone wrong. Sure dumping tons of chemicals into the waters and skies doesn’t help either.

Libya was invaded as a NATO “Humanitarian Mission”, leaving it in total ruins, chaos which expands worse today, and its leader murdered. War expanded into Africa in a big way and never left, just got worse. The Middle East Wars expanded as illegal bombing into Syria took place. International Coalitions and sub coalitions like Saudi Arabia and Turkey have aligned themselves with rebel contracted mercenary forces to attack Syria until its regime is altered. All the Middle East Wars ignited based on Lies of Iraq, which we all now know were part of a larger agenda called P.N.A.C. which went directly into effect after 9/11. “Project New American Century“, written up and devised by Neo-conservatives spanning international borders, but headquartered between Israel and the United States. The entire “War on Terror” was coined in the late 1980’s, by Benjamin Netanyahu, who commands the Israeli Defense Forces IDF, responsible of “War Crimes”, most recently in Gaza, Palestine. Saudi Arabia supplied the money and men as the “classified 28 pages” points directly to longtime oil tycoon businessmen and best Bush friends, the Saudi Royal’s who are invoked in this war to “reshape the Middle East”. Everyone wants their cut and also have their own agenda. Make no mistake of that. 

9/11/01 was Allowed to occur to ignite the hijacked Defense Department’s Unending War, costing lives, money, and futures for all. War is never the answer. Killing is fundamentally wrong. With Peace comes Prosperity. America’s misguided war on terror is in fact a complete adoption of Israeli security paradigms. The Israeli Foreign Ministry was a major factor in the push to invade Iraq, using the Israeli Lobby clamped on the United Stated Defense Department & throughout Congress itself.

Saudi Arabia promotes Wahhabi Islamic extremism, which is in lack of spirituality, and than use the radicalized as soldiers in proxy campaign wars, now unfurled across the world. September 11th was the kickstart of the Global War on Terror. This is an international operation despite what many may think. Hundreds of pages of specific agendas immediately were installed over America’s Democracy post 9/11. Many being written back in 1996 and 1997. The Patriot Act was a clear replica of Senator Joseph Biden’s legislation back in the 90’s. This was all part of the game to alter America forever and enthrone the corporate entities as King… not just in the Homeland, but globally. These wars have nothing to do with religion, race, or skin. It’s mentality and the wicked shareholders supporting the negative ways.

Homeland Security and the TSA rose illegally; propaganda went full stream with terror alerts of fear; mass media was censored and clamped; the Defensive Foreign Policy was altered to allow for “Pre-emtive Attack” like what the Japanese did to the US during Pearl Harbor, left with no choice against Imperial sanctions crippling economies; illegal torturing reserved through history for the Bad Guys, became so-called law; Israeli military and intelligence training programs were expanded to United States Police Departments nationwide, leading to a rise in citizen deaths. Israel trains the US Law Enforcement. 

The “Military Industrial Complex” has taken over and extended itself between multi-national corporations and its henchmen over Israel’s politics and Likud military command. Do not ever be mistaken that Israel is the “Jewish Solution” as often touted by the early Zionists in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Jerusalem is a land which even the United Nations declared to be an “International Free Zone”, while the states of Palestine and Israel would respectfully exist collectively in the Holy Lands. The largest banking family involved with world Central Banks, the Rothschild’s, received the land of Israel in the 1917 Balfour Declaration which was after WW1. Due to corrupt Bolshevik Communism, Russia was converted and its Royals were all murdered. This led to millions of Jews being labeled “Jewish” not by faith but by race- which led to the essence of the simple misunderstandings of what Jewish means. Just as Nazism led way for a “Master Race” ideology, radicalized self declared “Revolutionary Jewish Atheists” who created Bolshevikism & much later hijacked Israeli politics, saw themselves as a “Chosen Race”, mistaking the meaning of the “Chosen People” written in the Holy Bible, which clearly denotes “Chosen” as one who holds the Wisdom and Love of the “Most High” to guide those lost in the illusions of the world.



You don’t get along unless you go along. Division by religions or creeds is crude archaic ways as globally at the source- all spirituality is the same. It resides in the sacred “Heart”- with intention to Act and Do Good. There are Jews by culture and Jews by faith today and Jews declaring it wrongly as a race today. At the end of the day people are people and Judaism at its heart is Spiritual teachings of “Most High” understanding to “Do Good” by supporting and Following our Evolutionary Consciousness for all toward Righteousness. Religion is a system- a program entity, since expanded into & morphed as sub forms worldwide. Corruption comes in every shade and height. This is not about any one group. Its about GOOD versus WRONG. It’s as much about you as it is for every group as a whole. The World is at War unlike ever before. Blind leading blind in circles and mazes, while only the one with Eyes to See and Ears to Hear- understands.

In the early 20th Century wizards in mysterious esoteric mist spread across the lands as separatists and New Thought meetings- seeking to Free Mankind. Messengers of plenty have come and gone leaving huge followings from here and beyond. In 1901 the people of High Society, still of Heart and Mind, began calling for a Global Evolution, collectively as one entity. Groups began to pull Jewish, Christian, and Muslim children into one herd again, as they all are in the same lineage of great Kings long almost since extinguished from history on our earth. Cathars and upholders of the LIGHT are in every land and every breed. The chosen ones who daily uphold the law- The WILL TO DO GOOD- acting and doing and creating the righteous ways for many to evolve.

No corporate entity can solve the woes with a program of profit by nature itself- it is the people who must rise themselves. Many new systems of nutritional healing and local organic earth grown community farmer markets are the future. People united can unleash seas.

The Future stands where you take it, each and every day. You are the bearers of the system and you “collectively”, for the “Will to Do Good” can change micro and macro programs more than you’d think. It’s your choice what you will do to make a difference in your “group”. Will you consume, obey, watch, and be fed toxic so called foods? Of course not. You have already “woken up” to a level of RIGHT & WRONG. You have a HEART- the most powerful magnetic FORCE in the body. It can be detected up to MILES away. As everything is LIGHT, meaning, all physically dense matter is just LIGHT in its most dense form, resonating, as even the SEVEN RAYS of color is just frequency of SEVEN sounds into the next octaves and so on in geometrical patterns known as The GOLDEN NUMBERS- as the WORD is sound. COMPASSION makes the world difference. Patience is a golden rule. You are not allowed to be upset or behave like an animal when you know all that. First change thyself. You have SPIRIT and you are AWARE of it.

In our cluttered virtual world, everything from news on the internet to the shows on the TV screens getting into the minds of many should be examined carefully. Thought is energy. Thought is living elemental frequencies. Thoughts are alive and can be used to destroy you totally, if fallen to the “dark side”. TIME & SPACE mean nothing if there is no Goodness left inside at all. The illusory is all just speckled lights on a plastic screen- but majority will break down laughing and crying- totally submerged in the illusion- forgetting what is what- no longer caring to. This is what we have come to. It is the end as it has always been the end. There are enough worries for today, as tomorrow has enough of its own. This is true for all the “Programs” in life you are part of. The job is a job, it does not have to consume you and become you- do what you have to do- but be free in your own body my friends. Breathe and don’t let the system get to you and consume your life force vitality. RISE ABOVE and FOCUS on the SOLUTIONS. BUILD the INNOVATIONS. SHOWCASE THE FUTURE. BE THE CHANGE… PLEASE……



You the voice of passion and beauty, the seer of truth and ecosystems interwoven by clean organic Earth energies, liberating mankind from the DAY & NIGHT SLAVERY’S forcing majority of BILLIONS to barely get by or survive. The most wrong, is harming another human being. It is the worst thing. You know it when you’ve done it because your sensories allow you to FEEL “Right & Wrong”. Don’t get swayed by EMOTIONS, understand and use your “MIND” as impulsive DESIRE MIND behaves as LIQUID MAGNETIC waves, which can IMPULSE or INSTANTLY pull anyone with extreme forces in “emotional feelings”. You’ve seen how sick someone depressed gets, or how quickly a person can change into somebody else under negative emotions. Be careful not to fall as it is easier to fall than it is to climb up. Even if you do fall, keep climbing TRUE- by SPIRIT- by SOUL. YOU ARE THE LIGHT. There is nothing without you.. just void nothingness moving in motion in gray technicolor, left on mute, repeated in tribute of grayscale living by soulless corporate commercialized shells of plastic and breathless medallions.

Disease is rampant across the disgusting Farm Factories worldwide, leading to millions of innocent animals killed off. Some suspect illegal cloned animals being used. So many suffer and are led in lines of tears, weeping and crying… fully aware what is happening. Death fills the air. Even celebrities are speaking out about Nutritional Healing, which is totally omitted from schools; Revolutions spark in the streets as citizens die from police nearly every day. The government itself is at war with itself. Hijacking & Acquisitions and Mergers of the highest degrees are priming a New World Order indeed. Epidemics are left in place as “business as usual” reaps other nations, using foreign cheap slave labor, and abuses everything else abroad. It’s endlessly wrong. War without end means we are at War without End. America’s longest standing war, The War on Terror is based on total lies, treason of highest kind, and senior members of the Defense Department along with many war hawks and international business men, who clamp the media stupid (no longer discussing Real News)… they are all guilty and know it. They do not wish to return nor surrender what has been stolen and without any change, thus no forgiving can be made. They are “controlled” human beings- lost in illusions of glamour, greed and vices of lust, living pure animalistic desires of lower mind. The authority have become consumed and hollowed of Soul, leaving soulless international entities rule the way of the world. The corporate entity has no plan to Do Good required to save humanity. The Evolution is from the People. The indigenous tribes, communities, families, the ones that know and care out there… the ones like you.

It’s now illegal to stand united in a public place. In Spain protest is outright banned, while Hologram Protestors are all one can see. The social Evolution is to achieve the emancipation of mankind through Will to Do Good- but if we have no faith in our own HEARTS, evolution turns to revolution, denial, and betrayal itself. Let us than have the courage of freedom. Let it replace suppression and terror. Let “Will to Do Good” become our faith and our need and we shall therein grow strong. We the people.

Be as water my friends.
Be as one.

The Global Movement




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