2016: A Time for Decision


2016 is, by all means, going to be a great year – but it won’t be an easy one! So many millions of seeds of awakening have been planted in the minds over the last year. Now we are coming into a time of great decision: To continue down the road of separation, lack and externalization of our power, or choose abundance, justice and freedom. The system we live under is crumbling as we build movements and ideas that make it obsolete, as we support each other and the planet, instead of major corporations destroying her. As we come into the knowledge of who and what we truly are. As we listen to and follow our hearts down the path of our highest potential. As we make the most of what we have, instead of complaining of what we don’t have. As we outgrow old, propagandized ideoligies and fueds, and come into the truth of our common source, and continued connection to one another.

At the same time, the control system seeks more than ever to destroy our movements, discredit and distract us. They twisted and snuffed the Occupy movement, but it did have its proper impact on the consciousness of the people. We haven’t gone anywhere, and we’re only getting stronger. The answers are actually easy. We do everything we are doing now, but we do it in the opposite context, evolving our lives as humans – from cancer cells consuming everything, to custodians who thrive in abundance with the Earth. We have to work for the people and the planet and its inhabitants, instead of a system designed to extract profit from the masses for a few to gain. We do that now by putting our time, attention, energy and money into supporting the people, ideas and things we want to see grow in this world.

By combing our technological power with nature’s wisdom and some compassion, we can certainly create a better world. The technology is there, so is nature – for now. It’s only the enslaved minds that have yet to be freed holding us back. This control system isnt going anywhere until we create a better one based on freedom and abundance to replace it. And the time is now. Free energy, food farms, skyscraper farms and farm towers supporting their local communities, solar trees, hemp, cannabis – these, and many more ideas have the potential to make our lives better, more sustainable, cooperative.

Let’s make that decision this year, and every day, being its own opportunity. Let’s be free, truly free. Let’s focus on freedom and drop the divisive distractions. Let’s reclaim and reaffirm our love for life, nature, one another, and especially ourselves. Let’s be the Lovelution!


Follow your wildest dream this year! Go skydiving, go fishing, white water rafting, mountain climbing. Write that book you’ve always been thinking about. Make your passions a habit of effort. Follow your heart. Quit that stupid ass job you hate. Find or create a better one. Do the research before making a decision. Step out of your comfort zone – it helps you grow. Take otherpeople’s feelings into consideration. Take responsibility for your decisions. Master your craft. Master your mind. Master your body. Beautify and simplify your life. Make the live’s of others better. Support the good ideas in this world. But most of all: Know, love and BE yourself.

So I wish you all a very healthy, loving and happy new year. Thanks for taking this journey with me. Never thought other people would take to my rants and ideas, which aren’t really all my ideas – but I’m so glad to be a voice for them. Yet what is a voice without ears to listen to them, or hearts for them to rest in? Nada, nothing, zip.

You see, we never know when we’re going to get another year, another month, week, day, minute or second. So cherish every one of them. Make the most of what you have – especially time, family, talents and friends! When you open your heart, the universe opens itself to you – abundance, love, bliss all become part of your everyday life, if you so choose. So open your heart this year, and open your mind, and continue to be and refine the unique expression of God/consciousness that you already are! One love and stay blessed, always!!