5 Reasons to Question Climate Change


Let’s get a couple of things straight on this whole situation regarding weather:

1. Terms: Because there’s no such thing as climate NON change, the term “climate change” is as useless as any. Global warming was a better term because at least there was something you can expect – warming of the planet due to human behavior. Still, it’s a term meant to keep people from actually knowing the truth.

2. Facts: Science is just as, or even more corrupted than any other industry on the planet. Scientists with minority views are shunned and closed out of monetary opportunitues. Their reputation is slashed and they are ridiculed everywhere they go. Yet even those mainstream scientists don’t actually agree on human climate affect. They just have to on paper. From the actual affects of CO2 on the planet (some scientists say it benefits plant growth), be they the immediate affects, short or long term term effects, to the actual temperature of the planet (how can they know the temperature of all climates on the Earth at the same time?), there is NO consensus whatsoever. All we know is that heat in the oceans potentially causes wild changes in weather. And yes, we are heating the oceans.

3. VALUE: What’s it all worth in the end? We are currently powering our lives and our species at the expense of everything else. I’m not an advocate for human beings going too far back into nature and not making progress, but there is a way to make progress as a species without destroying everything and everyone else around us. If we are going to truly progress, you know, beyond one lifetime or generation, than it cannot be at the expense of our children and theirs.

4. NORMAL: Climate change is as normal as men being horny in the morning. We actually change the climate all the time, and to our great benefit — heating, insulation, air conditioner, fans, etc. Of course we aren’t helping the normal process along with all these gas emissions, and are probably reversing that trend, but for climate to change is totally normal. It’s not the change we need to fear, but the effects of us abusing our planet just to serve the economic system. Let’s not even get into the fact, for this post at least, that governments and corporations modify weather all the time, and have throughout history.

5. POWER: They just want your money, folks. A large group of world leaders just met in Paris by flying in their private jets, consuming tons of energy and dumping all this toxcicity into the atmosphere. Yet they want us to heed their warning that we the slaves of the world need to pay them more money, or die. They need our money to change the world for the bettet! Instead of advocating free energy technology and sustainability as the norm, they just want to carbon tax you and control how much energy you get to, or even better, can AFFORD to consume. Just give us your power they say, to save yourselves from your own problems. How much more of this blatant ignorance can we truly put up with? Everyday things seem to get more and more ridiculous for humanity. That is why we cannot, no matter the consequence, give up on our hope for a better today, and a possible tomorrow.