Biblical Prophecies = Psychological Warfare

It’s quite common for supposed “followers of God” aka as “believers” to viciously attack and demonize anyone talking about meditation, the pineal gland, oneness, etc.  These same people commonly point to recent geopolitical developments as “proof” that the Bible is legit, saying “Look!  Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled!  Praise Jesus!”

Stop for a moment and think about what these people are actually praising.  Biblical prophecies speak of a very dark period with mass bloodshed, social unrest, economic collapse, etc.  These people are literally HAPPY that this darkness is seemingly upon us, only because they believe they will be magically beamed up to heaven…

But what if that belief is untrue?

Consider the fact that the Bible was put together by the same shadowy elites behind the “NWO.”  From the Council of Nicea, to Constantine exiling or killing anyone that disagreed with the Vatican’s “official” stance on Christ, a quick glance at history should tell you everything you need to know about the validity of the Bible and its ulterior agendas.  Arguably the most significant scriptures of all, the crucifixion of Jesus, were authored anonymously several decades after the fact, and were only later attributed to his disciples.  Evidence suggests that the Roman Empire was actually behind the “Christ legend”, as it was caught in a difficult situation: explaining the sudden disappearance of arguably the most threatening political dissident: Jesus Christ.

So what happened?  The four major scriptures that the Bible refers to all put Christ on the cross for 6-9 hours.  What most people don’t know is that the cause of death by crucifixion was almost always suffocation, as the chest is compressed with the arms fully stretched out while the back lay stationary on a piece of wood.  Suffocation was slow and took between 24-36 hours.

After Jesus was taken down, healing herbs were taken into his tomb, not embalming.  If Jesus miraculously survived his attempted murder, what would he and his followers have done?  The Roman Empire was the modern day United States.  There were few places anyone looking to lie low could escape from.  Asia, however, was one of the areas the Romans had little involvement in.  It should therefore not surprise that evidence exists of a man, matching the description of Jesus, that taught the EXACT same thing, arriving in Kashmir, Asia, shortly after the crucifixion, and dying of old age, buried in the traditional Jewish burial ritual, with a mold of his feet having a hole through both (in the same manner that would’ve occurred when Christ was crucified).

So what is all this relevant to you?  Glad you asked.

There are two vastly different accounts of the same man.  One promises immortality and an eternity of bliss simply for “accepting him as your personal savior.”  The other, taught that we ALL have the same potential, and the only way to create eternal heaven, is to create it HERE and NOW.

Here’s the main point: assume, for a moment, that the same elites behind the NWO did have a hand in crafting the Bible we have today.  Should it surprise you or anyone, in the slightest, that “Biblical prophecies” are beginning to come true?  Of course!  Because psychologically, a believer sees these events, and then believes his salvation is right around the corner.  It creates a state of apathy and INACTION, which is precisely what the global elites want.

The entire religion of God itself is another psychological warfare tool.  When people identify with something, they literally BECOME it.  So when someone openly questions the Bible, someone that identifies with it, feels as if THEY are being attacked and threatened (when the opposite is true – only their ideas).