By Hating The Illuminati, You Further Empower Them

“There is no darkness.  Only the absence of light.” – Zac Tyler

When a person awakens to the truth of the world, the first and most natural emotions are fear and angerFear, because the idea that everything you learned was based on a giant lie and that an entire shadow system truly runs the world.  Anger, because only true psychopaths could put together such a system and use it to their advantage at the expense of the planet and all of its inhabitants.

This response is understandable.  But it is just a stepping stone in the evolution of your consciousness.  To borrow a quote from Yoda:

“Fear leads to anger.  Anger leads to hate.  Hate leads to pain.  And pain, leads to suffering.”

As you continue to see the world as it truly is, you will begin to understand far more.  Your ability to empathize with another will increase.  You will look at others you once perceived as “bad” and recognize the motivation behind their negative and destructive behavior.  People act out their own trauma and direct it at others while they are still unconscious in the spiritual sense.  People attract whatever they are in order to learn what they need to.

Understanding this concept leads to a greater understanding of the world and the universe.  A lot of people like to say “We are one” these days.  If this quote is true (there is substantial and an ever increasing amount of evidence to support it) then that includes those in power.  Those we perceive as our enemies.  Yes, even the “Illuminati.”  By hating them, we are hating an intrinsic part of ourselves.  You cannot destroy darkness, as darkness does not exist.  You can only transmute it into light by illuminating the darkness.

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

I disagree with what he said.  A better quote is: “There is nothing to fear.  Not even fear itself.’  Fear shouldn’t be feared.  It should be understood and transmuted into strength, power, virtue, compassion, etc.  Ultimately there is nothing to fear.

Those in power utilize and rely on fear as it is the source of their power.  They hold no true power as everything is illusionary.  The money they own is used by us.  The corporations they own stay in business because of us.  The factories move because of us.  The elections continue because of us.  The wars continue because of our continued compliance and apathy.  The only way we are controlled is through control of individual and collective consciousness.  We think too much and feel too little.

That doesn’t mean we should support what they are doing.  But fearing and hating aren’t solutions either.  The real solution is to love and express gratitude at every opportunity.  To truly live in the eternal present Now and understand we all originate and are connected to the Divine consciousness.  Give darkness no choice but to become the light.