Cancer Therapies that Big Pharma Would Like to Keep Hidden

There are many ways to fight cancer. After watching the western medicine route for 8 years as an internal medicine attending, I knew I had to find other ways. Nurses have to put gloves on to work with these chemo agents because they are POISON to our systems. They kill off any rapidly growing cancerous cells as well as your natural, orderly cells that are necessary for immunity. How can we fight cancer if our immunity has been obliterated? Just think about it. Why does chemo make hair fall out and cause nausea? Your hair and stomach cells multiply at the fastest rate-just like Cancer cells and are therefore targeted by the chemo! Holistic treatments: (don’t forget Gerson too!)

1. Cannabis-
••we have an entire endocannibinoid system with receptor sites for CBD.
••The FDA has patented CBD drugs called Dronabinol and Nabilone.
••Multiple studies show it not only treats Cancer related side effects but Cancer progression itself especially in brain, breast, prostate, liver, skin, colon cancer and leukemia.

2. Lei Gong Teng or Thunder God vine
••Fights inflammation
••more effective than sulfasalasine in Chrohn’s and rheumatoid arthritis
••study from Oct 2012 Science of Translational Medicine shows successful treatment of pancreatic cancer (look alive big pharma now has patented Minnelide for pancreatic ca-the all natural version is found in Thunder God Vine and is called Triptolide)

3. Soursop (graviola or guanabana)-south American fruit
••10,000x stronger than Adriamycin for colorectal ca treatment
••study published in the Journal of Natural Products at Catholic University in South Korea showed soursop kills liver and Breast cancer cells that are resistant to certain chemo drugs
••soursop contains Acetogenins that target tumor cells and induce apoptosis or cell death. (Big pharma now trying to patent Acetogenins)
••soursop is used in Peru in conjunction with chemotherapy
••no double blind human clinical trials have been performed despite years of NCI research. NCI noted anticancer properties in 1976!
••Indiana University found soursop leaves effective against Prostate, pancreatic and lung cancers

4. Mangosteen-tropical evergreen tree
••contain xanthones that are proven to prevent cancer and inflammation in rats in vitro.
••need more double blind human studies to confirm
••promotes Prostate and Breast cancer cell death/apoptosis in vivo in rats -Oxford Journal
••choose your product carefully as some lower quality products have been shown to contain lead!

Other remedies include vitamin B17, the Rife Laser, Gerson therapy which incorporates juicing, coffee enemas, supplements and thyroid hormone to detox, as well as GC-MAF.