Change: Easier Than You Think

Tired of being forced to pay to live? How about being in endless debt to a private bank, or the military being used to fight faux wars, or fluroide and GMO’s in your diet, or the propaganda spewed by the media, or the violence portrayed by police, or politicians being used as puppets for the rich? Good! Because it can all be changed, if we are willing to work gor it. The barriers of society will not dissolve until we act as if they no longer apply to us. Since reality is based upon our general consesus, if we wish to make changes than all we need to do is join together and make them! Change can be a positive, loving and expanding thing for everyone. What we need to do is drop work and school, the two things that show how obedient we are, and come together with one common focus. Not violence, but healing and unity. Women’s rights, gay rights, Black rights, gun rights, immigrant rights… It all links back to freedom. Freedom to be who and what we want to be, freedom to expand our consciousness, the freedom to love.

In a truly free society, nothing is forced upon the masses, either by the threat of violence or prison. In a free society we would promote peace, abundance, equal and universal access to all of the good things in life. We could implement ideas such as voluntaryism, which means you have to decide on every choice you make without being forced by your government to do so, which means the only rule is the rule of do no harm to others. Then there’s horizontalism, the idea that we are all equal, would eliminate the need for hirearchal structures in our society. We could vote on issues community by community, town by town, city by city, state by state and rule ourselves in a self governing republic. We could drop national barriers and send Peace Troops to heal the relationships with people we have hurt over the years. We could evolve. We could love. We could be free.