Change Yourself, Change The World


The world is a canvas painted by our collective consciousness. The mind must shift before anything external will happen in regards to change. Yet society is always asking us to look outside of nature and ourselves for happiness and solutions to our problems. Feel down? Go shopping! Sick? Take a pill! Don’t meditate, or eat healthy plant based food. Scared, or need an issue resolved? Call the Government, police, etc. Why can’t we police and govern ourselves? And if people can’t govern themselves, what makes it right for some people to govern and police others?

We can never obtain peace in the outter world until we find it within ourselves, and that inner peace begins when you know who and what you are. When you stop letting minute external circumstances control your emotions. When you stop allowing the fear of what others think of you to control you. When you allow yourself to be love. Once you become the example of what you want to be, you can affect those closest to you, and they will affect others, until it spreads like wildfire. Start looking within for everything: Validation, confidence, trust, happiness, love… It is all there in abundance. All you have to do is trust the universe. Surrender to it. Just be there.