Conscious Evolution: Why and How You Must Get To Know Your Higher Self

How much pain are you willing to endure before you get to know your higher self? Before you listen, not just talk, to God? Some will last their entire lives suffering because of this. A joyful life is a product of inner peace. It’s what happens when we understand who and what we truly are. You don’t have to struggle. Society wants that for you so you remain compliant as a slave, so you fit into the cookie cutter model set for you. Drop anything which gives you too much resistance – people, relationships, habits, etc. Follow your ease, your passions, your bliss. Because this world is vibrational, illusory, holographic, a virtual reality. The entire point of us being here is to evolve our consciousness through love. No more poor little me, no more victims of the system. WE are the masters of our own destiny.

Let your ego and your fears and your expectations and everything else that you define as yourself GO. You have to transcend these things and have an open mind. That’s how you become love, how you get closer to God, how you access the information in the larger realm of existence. It’s how the universe unfolds itself to you in a powerful and loving way. Prayer is just one side of the coin. Transcendental meditation will unleash another side of spiritual growth and personal happiness. This is not hard, just easy to get wrong. Make your intentions clear. Calm your mind. Close your eyes, the mind’s gate. And just focus on your breath, the connection of love between our bodies and our minds.