DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral

In this documentary, best selling author and public health expert, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, exposes the historically infamous, operationally covert, and repeatedly untrustworthy pirates of DNA research. These operatives now control genetic patents and spin-off technologies that threaten civilization’s natural evolution, even our Divine destiny.

Stunning new discoveries in genetics, quantum physics, and electrochemistry now demonstrate that your physical body is a crystallization, or precipitation, of love vibrations. Electrical and magnetic frequencies, and sub-sensory, sound move physical matter into sacred geometric forms that we all perceive as the physical world.

How you can use this knowledge for personal and global healing is the focus of this monumental documentary.

What will the future hold for you, your family, and humanity? Knowledge about your natural genetic inheritance should be considered a sacred trust.

Learn the facts about these disturbing developments from one of the leading public health experts, Dr. Leonard Horowitz.