Does the State Own Your Soul?

On December 6th 1865, the necessary number of States ratified the 13th amendment to the United States Constitution. We are taught by the public fool system that this was such a fabulous event because it’s the cause of the “abolition of slavery”. Abraham Lincoln would go on remembered as the president who freed the slaves and although on the surface he did outlaw slavery and involuntary servitude, except as a punishment, what really happened was apocryphal. You can’t be a slave unless you consent to being a slave, so the corporate state diabolically manufactured every citizen’s consent through a front. That front is called a Strawman and as long as we identify ourselves with this legal fiction we have revoked our free will thereby our mind, body and soul.

Under the 13th amendment, people could volunteer into slavery by accepting federal benefits. 3 years later the 14th amendment created a new class of citizen, the “person” subject to the federal government. Here we are a 150 years later and uncle sam is obviously showing signs of senility and his wards are perfectly surrendered to a new identity and era, in which optimism is quaint and the frontier anything but endless. Gaining a decent grasp of the Strawman we can begin to address our most common grievances such as the I.R.S.; property taxes; traffic enforcement and any perceived “debt” some entity thinks we owe them. This knowledge contains the mechanics of how to disentangle yourself from these aspects of the “The System” in a simple way with minimal risk to personal liberty or property. If you’re content with your life the way it is and if you’re satisfied with the bureaucratic supervision of your affairs, both at home and in public, then you should not be reading this. It will only upset you.

Through the color of office, Agents and Subagents, the United States, Subagents of the States, Counties and Cities, and the so called “PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF (YOUR STATE)” steal/stole, controvert, obtain by false pretense, theft by armed robbery take/took the identity of you for the purpose of monetization, remuneration, capitalization and other conversions of your property and rights in a concerted effort of unrighteous gain for the benefit of themselves and other corporate, fictional and for profit enterprises. This legal fiction cannot “appear”, cannot walk, talk, speak, hear, sign or do any other similar action. It is a state created fiction. It’s ironic how it’s also considered a logical fallacy in the context of proving an argument.

Overstanding the Strawman is a formidable undertaking. This article is a distillation of hundreds of thousands of hours of research and efforts by thousands of men and women all across this nation over a period of decades. These people dedicated their “lives, fortunes. and sacred honor” to finding out the truth about our government; how it went awry, how to fix it (or abandon it). In their efforts to regain their sovereignty and correct a “servant” gone criminal, a few of these men and women paid with their lives, many have went to prison or forced to live as political fugitives. You may regard them as fools but that does not alter the fact that they were willing to gamble the highest of odds to find out what works and what doesn’t work when taking back the responsibilities of individual sovereignty and commanding constitutional obedience of their public servants and institutes.

Look up Strawman or Ens Legis and Sui Juris, follow the rabbit hole, and get yourself a Black’s Law Dictionary because Legalese is a different language created to manufacture the unbeknownst consent. Remember the phrases “I do not Consent; I reserve my rights; I am a living breathing sentient being on the land.” Look up Acceptance For Value and Private Administrative Process. Download Mary Croft’s Tax Book and check out!!

“If the old American dream was about prosperity, maybe the new one will be about spontaneity” Kalle Lasn