Epigenetics: How Science Leads To Consciousness

“How can you have this gene that causes cancer and you don’t get the cancer? The genes don’t control you. You’re involved with the selecting and activation of the genes by the way you carry out your life – what stresses you’re under – what your belief system is – and that’s important. And this applies to cancer as well. Lifestyle is responsible for 90% or more of heart disease and 70% or more of cancer – it’s not the genes.” ~ Dr. Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist

Quantum physics, psychology, biochemistry and epigenetics all tell us one simple truth: Consciousness is what everything in life leads back to. And what is conscious? We are, obviously. So, just like spirituality and meditation, science is also leading us back ourselves! We are free to change the way we see the world. And as we change the way we see the world, we change our genetic expression. That’s a fact. We are not victims of the universe – we are MASTERS of the universe. Through emotions, beliefs and attitudes we control the way we respond to the environment. This in change affects our genetics and our bodies, for better or worst. That’s EPIGENTICS – the scientific proof of the POWER OF THE MIND OVER THE BODY.