NEW RULE: “Its no longer about ‘getting out the hood’. It’s about buying up the hood and making it a decent place to live.” ~ Deric Muhammad

It’s amazing how we can come together for meaningless shit, how we can spend our money on meaningless things. Can we unite to save ourselves? We all want to escape the matrix. But that will never happen, ever. It’s much more effective to make the matrix dissolve due to our new and higher vibrations. I’m not about to move five hours away from the city while my people and my world continues to be ravaged. If we owned our spaces we would take care of them more. If we grew our own food, less would go to waste and we would eat better. If we policed and governed our own communities according to the rule of DO NO HARM we would be at peace. I would post up at my garden for my shift and make sure no one abuses the free food with no problem.

First is first: We have to respect one another. We have to devise a purchasing or takeover plan for a neighborhood. And we have to implement the Ubuntu model in that community: 3 hours of work per week volunteered by each able-bodied member of the communty. This will create abundance beyond imagination, freedom and happiness. Until money is useless we could share our crops, sell them cheaply to local business, etc. We can all be self sufficient, abundant and free. We only need to want it bad enough to create that reality. Where shall we begin?!