Facing the Wrongs of Society


“Oh what a disgrace to see the human race in a rat race.” ~ Bob Marley

The profit system has us by the balls. We measures our success according to false standards fed to us by society, the corporate media and school, in order to keep the status quo going. So everybody either loves the rich whom they aspire to be, or hates them for what they have. Everybody wants to attain wealth, power and success according to the parameters of the profit system. The trouble is that they ignore the truly valuable things in life while they do so. Freedom for one. Family another. Health too. Wisdom, nature, the true self. All these things are put on the backburner so that we can egotistically pound our chest for meeting some kind of societal standard. “Oh, I have a car now – I’m successful.” Yet the car is a Honda, so you won’t be satisfied for long. “I just got married.” Yet with a divorce rate as it is, it seems you just wanted a ring and a status.

Jobs, jobs, jobs… When you listen to freedom lovers like Stefan Molyneaux it seems that jobs are the endgame to life. Big business, free enterprise without government in the way… Except government exists as a tool to big business and “free” enterprise. Whilst people need money for every single thing in the world the nere presence of it will foster greed, hoarding and selfishness, crime, selfishness and power grabs. Whilst people need pieces of paper, debt free or not, to buy a piece of fruit, instead of having access to a fresh garden, they are not free. They are free to purchase things. Not free to live. Freedom to buy doesn’t equate to freedom. Because without having anything to offer, starting from scratch, you are left naked.

In a gift economy we would just dole out cash so no one starts on zero. Admirable, especially in conjunction with other ideas. Ideas who’s time has undoubtedly come. We can start a gift economy and combine it with a debt-free resource based economy. We could fund technology for abundance and equal access, permaculture for sustainability and health, communities governing themselves through the internet. Yes, this means the end of wealth disparity, the end of haves and have nots and the end of ego-money attachments. So many people with money oppose this idea. They think creativity would halt, people would want to lay in bed all day, never work. They literally look at the solution through the same lens as the problem.

Resource allocation, supply and demand, price adjustment, incentive.. None of these things are an issue in a true economy. Resources are maximized through technology. Supply is there in abundance and efficiently enough not to create waste, or minimize it. No prices for anything. The incentive would be to work your interest, hobby, passion and contribute to a world that is based on love, peace and justice.

The only question left to ask is… Are we ready to take our lives back?