Fast and Slow Liver Metabolizers: How this Affects Detoxification Ability

Many people question why they end up with a preventable chronic condition. After diagnosis, they read up, listen to doctors, and usually want a pill to fix a lifetime of poor food choices including the Standard American Diet (SAD), smoking, alcohol consumption, synthetic medicines, pesticide laden produce, toxic household cleaning products, and other lifestyle choices. We are bombarded with chemicals in the air, water and soil everyday. People think that the healthcare system in the USA is on par but they are not educated on this topic. The US medical system is in danger and we are no longer top of the game when it comes to longevity, health or newborn mortality. The system is blind and seeks to only diagnose disease instead of preventing it. They do not plan on teaching you the truth about health; that food is medicine; that many approved chemicals are absolute insidious poison to your delicate system. How would the system make money if everyone was well? Sure hospitals fix an acute problem but studies show patients are discharged with a higher toxin load due to Phthalates, plasticizers, (tube feedings and GMO HFCS are run through plastic tubing in hospitals), processed food and synthetic pharmaceuticals that kill off gut bacteria. This is your natural immunity. Slowly, due to continuous exposures, the liver cannot keep up.

What is the liver? It is the body’s main detoxifier. As soon as food is placed into the gut and run through the intestines, the first place it is filtered is the portal vein which dumps directly into the liver and bile. Can you imagine the foreign toxin load that the liver is exposed to in the USA? And we wonder why we are sick! The liver is always cleansing your blood; maintaining your blood sugar levels; digesting fats, proteins, and carbohydrates; producing bile and other digestive enzymes as well as helping to make energy, or ATP. Once overwhelmed, preventable diseases began to appear. An especially common diagnosis is thyroid disease. The thyroid is responsible for full body metabolism and T3 is converted to T4 in the kidneys and liver. If not functioning properly, the conversion cannot occur therefore the entire enzymatic pathway can become unregulated, affecting the final organ: the thyroid. This is only one example of an overworked liver. Many others get heart disease from our exposures.

What happens when the liver becomes toxic? It will be very difficult to lose weight as the liver helps convert thyroid hormones that control your metabolism. The liver also stores fat and helps to move bile and lymph. The lymph is also a huge detoxification system in the body (and is a whole other post by itself!) If the liver is congested and sluggish, fatty liver occurs from DIET ONLY. Often this fatty liver can trigger inflammation and eventually full on liver cirrhosis. FROM FOOD ONLY! Why do you think Morgan Spurlock from the documentary, “Supersize Me” got fatty liver disease from eating Mcdonalds everyday for a month? Food is medicine or poison! Excess fat on the body means excess fat in the liver and sluggish flow bile/lymph flow.

Alcohol is a complete toxin to the liver. It competes with the same enzyme (cytochrome P450) which is needed for stage one liver detoxification. However it’s not the only contributor. Sugar, processed omega 6 fatty acids like canola and safflower oil, caffeine, pharmaceuticals and environmental toxins like herbicides all affect each of us uniquely based on our DNA. Processed sugar and carbs are what makes us fat-not good fats like organic coconut or olive oil! HFCS and processed sugars/sweeteners build fat deposits in the liver and overwhelm it in a couple decades if this behavior is not curbed. By the way have you seen the menu choices at general restaurants for children? Pizza, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, etc They’re now promoting disease for the industry in the younger and younger generations as nearly all of it has little to no nutritional value.

We have become a nation of walking obese yet nutritionally malnourished humans. Yet we wonder why we are sick? The majority of Americans need supervised liver cleanses.
You may be asking, however, why some people get an autoimmune disease or perhaps cancer while others do not? It does have to do with your unique immunity as well as your personal choices. Phase one liver detoxification requires the cytochrome p450 enzyme already mentioned. This is hindered by excess fat or alcohol. Stage 2 detoxification involves using the enzyme glutathione S transferase to methylate or add a sulphur group to the substance needing breakdown. This helps metabolize so it can be taken across cell membranes. Many people have a polymorphism in their DNA causing an aberrancy in the methylation process, hindering detoxification. Stage 3 involves further breakdown and excretion by the bowels.

What science has also discovered is that people are naturally fast or slow liver metabolizers based on their genes. This means the dose of one medicine won’t affect a fast metabolizer like it will a slow metabolizer. Genetic variation (polymorphism) accounts for some of the variability in the effect of drugs. With N-acetyltransferases (involved in phase 2 detoxification), individual variation creates a group of people who acetylate toxins slowly and those who acetylate quickly. Studies reveal it to be split roughly 50:50. This variation may have dramatic consequences, as the slow acetylators are more prone to dose-dependent toxicity as they cannot eliminate and detoxify as rapidly.

Cytochrome P450 enzymes can also vary across the board with deficiencies occurring in up to 30% of people. This also affects how many calories you burn! This premise is widely accepted in western medicine. This can be applied not just for pharmaceuticals, but also to any abnormal toxin that the body is repeatedly exposed to. You can now see how bombarding the body like its a toxic playground will eventually catch up to some people, especially slow metabolizers who cannot detoxify as quickly. The load builds up over the years, until it reaches a threshold. Ever notice why some people are hungry all the time but never gain weight? Or why some people have horrendous side effects from medicine while you do not? Now you know why.

Western medicines lab’s eventually become abnormal and disease is diagnosed.
Why wait until you need a full body detox and disease is known to change your life? You know the choices you are making. Here’s how to start the journey towards liver health and detoxification:

❌Ditch processed and fried foods, processed oils and omega 6 FA like canola, safflower, vegetable oil. Stop eating genetically modified foods and pesticide laden produce. Studies have shown extensive damage in animals due to herbicides/pesticides.
❌lose weight and start an exercise program
❌avoid pesticides, toxic household cleaning products and toiletries. If it’s not organic or natural don’t use it! This includes cleaning chemicals, laundry detergents, carpet cleaners, pesticides, herbicides, scented candles, air fresheners, soaps, makeup, perfumes, lotions. You need to be diligent about reading labels.
❌The water in your shower is most likely full of chlorine and fluoride. This is hard on the liver and thyroid. Buy a shower filter!
❌Medication (over the counter) and prescription drugs (very toxic to the liver)
❌Lack of natural air (open the windows, put some live plants in your work/home…best natural air filters there are)
❌Avoid cities with heavy air pollution and smog.
❌Try dandelion root, burdock root, beets (the root veggies love helping the liver), milk thistle, NAC, fermented foods, tulsi, castor oil, coffee enemas (under proper supervision), MSM, and juicing al help the liver recover and provide necessary micronutrients required in stage 2 detoxification.

Be good to your liver! It’s the only one you have