The Fibonacci Agenda

We learn all this pea brained geometry but never once do we learn about the precise mathematic language that the universe and our bodies are designed in. The sequence goes 1,1,2,3,5,8,13, etc., so that the next number is always the sum of the previous two.  The ratio between the numbers in the sequence builds up to the golden ratio, 1.1618.  If you divide two neighboring numbers in the Fibonacci sequence you always get a number close to 1.618.  For example, the seeds in a sunflower are arranged into two patterns.  If one pattern has 55 seeds, the other pattern will have either 34 or 89 – its neighboring numbers in the Fibonacci sequence.  This means that regardless of the size of the sunflower, the seed pattern always has approximately 1.618 times the number of seeds as the other pattern.  This ratio allows for the most number of seeds to fit in any given sunflower.  The entire cosmos has been designed with this abundance and efficiency in mind. Artists and architects also use rectangles based on the golden ratio because they are artistically pleasing.

The Golden Ratio simply proves the intelligent design of the cosmos – not a religious, all judging God, but intelligence that came before anything we know as “reality”.  Why would this be hidden from our children?  For one, we could use this knowledge to make our own world more abundant and efficient. People would also eventually kill the atheism vs creationism debate that has become a rabbit hole and major distraction for so many souls.  Evolution will have to get looked at again (a theory which Darwin said can easily be disproven once we looked inside a cell, a theory which many scientists do not agree with, a theory which the man who discovered the human genome said could not be responsible for the human DNA structure in a BILLION years). And people might have to l rethink the way they live in this world once they recognize that God is in them and everything else.  People might get inspired by this and become the best possible version of themselves, which is not a slave to the system.  Does any of this make you feel empowered?  Yeah, that’s exactly why it’s not taught in school.