Food Waste, Veganism, and Climate Change


You can litterally go to any major U.S. garbage dump and make a salad with all the fresh produce around. With so many people going hungry in the world, these numbers aren’t just staggering, their criminal. And the entire system is guilty, including we the people, as we never demanded food sufficiency programs from our benevolent government, and more reasons as you will see. The sad fact is that you might as well leave one out of every four of your grocery bags at the register.

I agree with people going vegan to limit animal suffering and environmental degradation, but there is another side to this story. Food waste contributes to methane gas releases which get trapped in the atmosphere and heats up the planet. Produce accounts for more than half of all food waste. Does this mean that if we all went vegan that the planet will be a better and more sustainable place? Will skyrocketing produce consumption help us? Without a better food waste program, the answer is probably not by much. Going vegan would bring good changes that just get canceled out as more methane gas is released into the atmosphere from more produce going to land fills.

While you should certainly consider it, you don’t have to go vegan to save the planet as many will have you believe, especially those looking to make a buck selling vegan products. We all have to be the change and help create a better system that sees all life as one. A system where food is not wasted for frivolous reasons and animals aren’t systemically made to suffer for the greed of corporations. A system where restaurants, food chains and supermarkets do not overstock on items just to throw them into the garbage without pause. A system where people aren’t going hungry due to money, or food isn’t rotting in a farm under the sun due to a tiny blemish. I’m talking about a system where people can give and take freely as mother nature intended.