Forbidden Knowledge: Ancient Archealogy


We are so brainwashed by the education system and academic history that we automatically think the people of the past were dumber than us. Yet ancient Indians taught us that consciosuness moves in cycles. All over the world minolithic sites exist which defy our beluefs of the ancient past. When it comes to the pyramids’ construction, there are a lot of theories and almost no facts. No written records of the construction exists, no direct order from a pharoah, and many egyptologists are still debating the dates and time frame of the construction. Here’s what we do know:

1. Thoth’s emerald tablets describe him as going around the world to spread wisdom eaons ago.

2. Ancient civilizations such as Egypt, going back 30,000 years, began to spring up almost out of nowhere.

3. There is no evolution of writing, math or science for ancient civilizations.

4. All of the knowledge incorporated in the pyramids’ construction would require modern science and machinery.

5. The pyramids were built outbof stone, and heterogeneously, so that they could stand forever.

6. There are never pharoahs found inside, so they are not just big tombs.

7. The construction skills, science, astronomy, architecture and math incorporated into the design is extremely advanced.

8. All living cultures attribute their ancient monoliths to those who came before, the God’s, etc.

9. All over the world, sacred monolithic sites can be traced through a single line – called Ley Lines, suggesting that all humans were in contact at this time.

10. A complex genetic change in ancient hominid DNA is responsible for giving us bigger, more functional brains, and this happened very suddenly, about 30,000 years ago – baffling even Sir Francis Crick, the scientist who discovered the humam genome.

So who built the pyramids? Why? Was it truly aliens? Or, maybe you did? You are your ancestors, after all. It is also possible that we did not lay a finger on these stones. Some believe they were moved using sound technology, vibration. That a unified and enlightened civilization, seeded by beings from other star systems, used these pyramids to raise the vibration of the planet, star gaze, contact other beings, and create vital energy meridians all over the planet.

Whatever you believe, one thing cannot be debated: People with an advanced and sophisticated intellect existed on Earth way before we did.