Global Depletion: Richard Oppenlander



In this must watch presentation from Dr Richard Oppenlander on global depletion, he takes a compelling look into the myth of free range meat being sustainable and a viable option and alternative to factory farmed meat.

He shows how eating animals on any level is completely unsustainable due to lack of resources and land. This speech shows how “grass-fed”, “humanely raised”, “pasture raised”, “organic meat” and any other type of meat are exploiting our land and is leading to many environmental problems.

Free range meat is taking up a large percentage of the land but only responsible for 1% of the meat we currently eat. There is literally nowhere to put all these animals if we emptied the factory farms. It is also a huge waste of water and grains that could feed many humans who starve across the world.

This lecture also takes a look at how we are devastating our oceans by overfishing and within the next few years all the fish in the ocean may become completely extinct.

Many people who promote eating organic, grass-fed meat or raw milk only focus on the possible health benefits, even though that is surely debatable as well. But they completely ignore how unsustainable it is if we tried to feed the entire human population with these methods. Please watch this eye-opening presentation.