Helpful Holistic Tips for Male Pattern Baldness

We have been told all of our lives that baldness, specifically androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) is due to genetics and there’s not much that can be done aside from medications. Most of those meds affect sexual function by interfering with testosterone.

Not all of that is true. Baldness is not inherited from the mother’s side alone. Although it does skip generations, there’s a complex genetic connection that includes both sides of the family. It also is not caused by testosterone. It is caused by the hair follicles’ sensitivity and subsequent thinning to dihydoxytestosterone or DHT. DHT can induce inflammation and damage nutrient/blood supply. Blood flow can also be decreased due to constriction and muscular tension die to stress. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen and without it-the follicle dies.

What if you could slow or halt hair thinning by lifestyle alterations?

Its not all genetics either. Big Pharma would have you believe that Propecia or Finasteride are the best options. Although evidence is conflicting (and there’s not a lot of it bc-SURPRISE! They can’t make money off of it), some studies have shown that decreasing blood flow to the follicles might be responsible for thinning and hair loss.

In one study in Japan found that blood flow to the scalp of young men diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness) was 2.6 times lower than in the normal control group. The question is-is that causing the baldness or due to it? A research team at L’Oreal’s subsidiary, Inneov, identified hindered circulation as a critical element of the balding process that needs to addressed in the treatment process, if one is to obtain significant results.

Studies on Botox (although I don’t recommend Botox-the study proves my point) show that it reduces pressure on the perforating vasculature, thereby increasing blood flow and oxygen concentration. The enzymatic conversion of testosterone to DHT is oxygen dependent. In low-oxygen environments, the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone is favored; more DHT means more hair loss! In high-oxygen environments, more testosterone is converted to estradiol rather than DHT. Blood flow may therefore be a primary determinant in follicular health.

Yoga is your friend. Certain asanas are known to wake the body up, heal chakras and increase blood flow! Go upside down in yoga-the more you do this the better the circulation to the scalp. Other natural formulations that show promise include scalp massage which increases capillary micro circulation, cleaning up the diet as many hair loss issues are nutritional deficiencies due to the stripping of soil and food of nutrition, eat organic whole food from the earth, manage stress through lifestyle changes and meditation, break neck and head tension with scalp exercises that release the pressure of neck muscles that may be blood vessels. Essential oils and grapeseed oil extract have also shown promise. Additionally, candida and other parasites can cause hair loss and brittle hair! Be sure to use an organic shampoo with a natural disinfectant to rid yourself of any pathogenic cause. This is likely a hint that you may need a full parasite cleanse. Listen to your body. It can often correct itself given the right care and investigation.