Imagine a place where man and nature co-exist in balance, environment is infused with clean earth energies, freeing the common man of pollutant expenses.
The technology has already been innovated. Entire blueprints have gone in development from permaculture lush ‘Gardens of Eden’,
to free electrical energy and running clean water.
Healing Health education & Healthcare Evolutionary Natural homeopathic Nutritional Healing Therapies with Organic Herbal gardens and foods.

The key to any FUTURE is the key to the SOUL.
Is it the RIGHT REASONS or shamelessly devoid of COMPASSION in root of immorality, Greed in the Illusory GLAMOUR in daily routine?

The Future is Farming and Gardening and Ecosystem Balanced Communities.
The people will find Great Spirit as the Spirit is with the People.

Without SPIRIT there is no common mentality – no Program for the growth of
“Will To Do Good”.

In-between the Mind and the Heart is the essence of the differentiated personality consciousness known as Soul. Mind, being ELECTRIC, has the REASON
Whereas Heart has vibrations of liquid magnetic waves we call “EMOTIONS * FEELINGS”, where Magnetism is defined as “Balancing or Balancer of Electricity”.
It was Albert Einstein who as a child witnessed the movement of an unseen force in his fathers compass, which led him to question the dense physical world and beyond.

Without HEART it really doesn’t matter what you eat or how healthy you can be. Without COMPASSION, what is left but a PROGRAM ZOMBIE not even able to THINK any more?
Corporatites who still under 25 are already slaves to corporate propaganda, walking full stead in misaligned ways. The People of the FUTURE will come from the wombs of the women living today.
The PEOPLE of all races, all nations, all faiths and creeds, all together on the pale blue dot in the vast infinite sky- we can live through the heart or devoid of one totally ending with mass dystopia.

When it becomes common to place importance and loyalty to iphones and sport teams over their own people and nations- a world tragedy it is.

The future is inside, deep inside you. Each new year a new cycle on an endless cyclic cycle of SPACE & TIME.

We are LIGHT. Light illuminates inside of us, as our very atoms come from exploded star nebula, literally star dust.
Every color is a frequency vibration. The 7 Rays of ancient old days, is well alight in the masses deceived for so long astray.

Matter is light in it’s most dense form.
The physical universe is not solid as appearing
Everything is energy.
We are all part of an energy force.
Things that APPEAR to be solid are just energy frequencies vibrating at different rates.
The universe consists of only Energy.
Space and Time are the dimensions which within energy moves.
Everything is connected to everything else.
As above so below.
We are all one.

The atoms in your body were created within stars which
exploded spewing dust into space.
[Sirius B of the previous Universal Order]
That stardust condensed into our planet earth from which man
& woman too formed of the “dust”.
Given “Breath” of life.

You literally are the universe contemplating.
Conscious Mind attributes Align Righteousness
On the Path of Truthfulness & Wisdom.

Everything is just Energy.
Energy is not created nor destroyed.
It simply transforms.

Thought waves are cosmic waves which interpenetrate time and space.
Thought is energy. The Brain is an Electronic switching station. The brain does not think, but we think with the brain. We can alter the vibration we are in and transform our whole world just by thought. The brain by itself is not going to function without the Soul or Spirit. You can activate the negative or positive pole like an electrical system, which interacts with the magnetic vibrations which can grab hold like hooks, deep and leave scars if Will is not Strong enough to overcome mentally.

People think they are their name, their body- you are not your name or the shell. You are an energy, a force, which does good or does wrongly. Lifestyle is vital. Health is everything. Organic natural whole foods from earth, a spiritual set of eyes, and strong “Will to Do Good” will go a long way. We don’t get energy, we release energy. When the inner desire is focused & the Higher realms are Intended, the energy will flow, as one connects to the most high in its unknowable form. Desire is a doorway to get controlled instantly and fall easily or it can be used for Good, to continue to learn and read and do your part micro and macro, the best that you can be..

All the energy is omnipresent. The energy is within.

Magnetism is nothing but balancing of electricity.

Energy follows Thought.
The Mineral Kingdom is alive and growing.
It feeds the Plant Kingdom, which feeds the Animal Kingdom, which Man is part of.

Creating a Thought Form based on intention or non-intention.
The more energy you give- to say fear, the more energy you feed it and foster it making the situation worse,
by building the Thought Forms bigger than it originally was.
Fear is controlling and literally changes the human body and electrical system.
You can not fear what is wrong, but be a balancing force, through the love & wisdom aspects guiding as far as not to get thy own hand cut.
Awareness of the flow connects one to the soul.