Media Blackout on the Dangers of the Gardasil Vaccine

Although mainstream media ignores crimes of Big Pharma and their vaccines, the industry is falling apart internationally. On nearly every continent, there has been Gardasil vaccine controversy, injury or death. Gardasil is becoming renown for its deadly injuries to young women, all for the prevention of possible cervical cancer that could actually be avoided with proper care and education. Here are some facts that everyone should know on the media blackout of the Gardasil vaccine:

1. The new gardasil vaccine contains double the aluminum adjuvant-up from 250 mcg to 500 mcg.

2. The U.S. government holds patents on Gardasil and also earns royalties from the sale of the vaccine.

3. People injured or killed by the Gardasil vaccine cannot sue Merck, as all vaccine manufacturers have legal immunity from lawsuits in the U.S.

4. More than 10 young women have recently sued Sanofi, the distributor of Gardasil in France, for damages due to the vaccine, including lupus, Guillain-Barré, ADEM (which is also a nerve demyelination disorder), idiopathic hypersomnia, and MS.

5. HPV vaccines (Cervarix and Gardasil) were marketed in Japan since 2010. More than 3 mil girls were inoculated with Gardasil until the cancelation of recommendation by Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in May 2013. Yes, Japan has halted governmental recommendations for the HPV vaccine and has begun a full scale probe over safety concerns, due to the large amount of serious adverse reactions reported.

6. In 2015, Michelé Rivasi, European Ecology MEP, delivered a presentation to the European Parliament on behalf of more than 200 European physicians demanding answers to these questions.

7. In India, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and their vaccine empire are under fire, including current case before the India Supreme Court regarding deaths and injuries occurring during drug trials carried out over Merck’s Gardasil. Vaccine trials were conducted on girls, ages of 9 and 15. Many of the girls fell ill, and at least 7 died, and the lawsuit is alleging that the girls and parents did not even know what kind of vaccine trial they were participating in!

8. Beginning in March 2013, 700 young girls in Columbia were admitted to hospitals with mysterious neurologic symptoms after receiving the Gardasil vaccine. Courts decided all girls had a psychogenic/hysteria reaction. What?

Here is some of the scathing scientific evidence presented at the Medical and Scientific Evidence in Japan: (courtesy of Sanevax-please visit their knowledgable site At www.

“1) Aluminum salts used as adjuvants in HPV vaccines can cause myalgias, chronic fatigue syndrome, cognitive impairment, overt autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis, Diabetes, thyroiditis…)

2) Macrophagic myofasciitis, biopsy proven, is significantly associated with above conditions.

3) Alum particles can be transported by monocyte-lineage cells to lymph nodes, blood and spleen, and penetrate the blood brain barrier with potential damages to nerve tissues.

4) Aluminum salts are poorly biodegradable as adjuvant in HPV vaccines.

5) Dr. Hajjar reported the case of a 16-year-old girl who suffered an acute-onset and permanent bilateral visual loss and a transient left hemiparesis following Gardasil vaccination.

6) Tumefactive demyelinating lesions and chiasmal neuritis as part of a presentation of acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis were documented by MRI imaging studies.

7) A brain biopsy was performed on this case to confirm that there was a perivascular infiltration of lymphocytes and macrophages with focal demyelination in the brain tissue, characteristic of the histopathological changes in acute demyelinating (or disseminated) encephalomyelitis as complication of vaccination.

8) Post-mortem brain tissue specimens from two young women who suffered from cerebral vasculitis-type symptoms following vaccination with the HPV vaccine Gardasil were analyzed by IHC for various immuno-inflammatory markers.

9) Gardasil-vaccinated cases showed positive immuno-reactivity for HPV-16L1 antigen in cells within cerebral vessels, with some HPV-16L1 – positive cells adhering to the walls of these vessels and some infiltrating the brain parenchyma. No such pattern of staining was observed with the anti-HPV-18L1 anti-HPV-11L1 antibody in any of the Gardasil-vaccinated cases. Control cases were negative.

Conclusions: The presence of foreign antigenic material in the central nervous system can trigger adverse inflammatory and immune-mediated manifestations. Normally, vaccine antigens are not expected to cross the blood-brain barrier. The finding of HPV-16L1 intra and perivascular immuno-positive cells in the brains of these two cases suffering unexpected and sudden death following Gardasil vaccination is thus of concern.

Dr. Lee (data presented at the public hearing, at the meeting with the Senators and at news conferences)

1) Gardasil contains residual HPV L1 gene rDNA fragments, firmly bound to the AAHS adjuvant by ligand exchange through the phosphate backbone of the DNA molecule in non-B conformation – a new chemical inadvertently created in the vaccine manufacturing process.

2) It is well known that aluminum nanoparticles can transfect foreign, bacterial or viral DNA into human cells, especially macrophages, and macrophages can cross the blood brain barrier.

3) It is well known that activated macrophages, highly immune-stimulated by free bacterial or viral DNA, can produce and release a variety of cytokines, including tumor necrosis factor which is a myocardial depressant and can cause acute inflammation. Human macrophages recognize HPV DNA as a viral DNA (foreign invader), not the DNA from the human host’s own body, and react in a high alert state- a highly augmented reaction which may be very harmful in certain genetically predisposed young girls. We cannot predict which girls will react violently in their heart and in their brain as a result of these activated macrophage activities.

4) HPV 16 L1 gene DNA in non-B conformation was found in the post-mortem blood and spleen tissue obtained at autopsy of such a sudden unexpected death without obvious cause of death 6 months after Gardasil vaccination. No scientists at the public hearing believe that psychosomatic reactions can cause such death and inflammation of the brain in these HPV-vaccinated girls. Therefore, more research must be performed on the potential toxicity of this vaccine.

Please follow the money when doing research on this vaccine. Peer reviewed studies should also be evaluated. Who paid for this study? Are drug manufacters behind it? I personally know young ladies who have been injured from this vaccine. Protect the children.