Meeting of the Minds Toronto

Saturday June 10th, 2017 at Temple23

What is the Meeting of the Minds???

What is the Meeting of the Minds??? Meeting of the Minds is the original conscious networking event that skyrocketed in popularity since the organization’s launch in April of 2014. The event features group discussions, guest speakers from around the world, workshops, music, art, yoga, meditation, delicious organic vegan food, kids activities, and networking opportunities with today’s greatest revolutionary minds. The organization’s primary goal is to create discussion within communities and build relationships to effectively organize and successfully implement positive change in the world. Our organization is sustainable, plant based, and community driven. We believe that through the power of love anything is possible. Socrates once said that the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. Together we can build a world that benefits the greater good and not just a select few. Everyone is welcome to attend the events. We hope to see you soon!

   Event Schedule 


Tickets can be purchased at –

Early Bird – $20 (online only)

Build a Movement – $25 (online only)

Support the Movement – $30 (online and at the door)

Group Discount – 3 beings for $22.00 ea (online only)

MOTM Donation – Help MOTM visit a city or country near you!!! Every donation helps.

The Admission will help #MOTM continue to grow into communities around the world.  

Meeting of the Minds is a Substance Free Event making it a beautiful place to bring children and help co-create a positive shift for our future generations. We always have activities for the youth!

Event Detail

Saturday, June 2nd 2017 from 5 pm -12 am


7 Fraser Ave #2, Toronto, ON M6K 1Y7, Canada


Abundance of FREE parking