A Prelude of Eternal Love


Now let’s take a moment to look more deeply into the dynamics of love-principles at work behind the actions and reactions associated with love. As we’ve seen, all babies thirst for love, and their parents are there to provide it to them. Parents do their best to offer their children love and affection. As time passes, these children grow into adulthood and have children of their own, and just as their parents did before them, they provide their children with love,

(I don’t mean to exclude grandparents from this picture, for its very obvious that just having grandchildren is, in itself, a source of love and joy.)

As we look more closely, we see that love cannot be something that is always received from someone else. Somewhere, somehow, love must also be given. In families, receiving and giving love seems to move in cycles of twenty to thirty years. Parents give all their love to their children, and then these children grow up and have children of their own to whom they give their love and affection, and then the cycle repeats itself.

Thus far, we have been looking at love within the family, but there is an equally important form of love that also drives us all: the love between men and women. From the age of around ten, we begin to develop an interest in the opposite sex, which, in our mid-to late teens, turns into a fascination that never seems to leave us. It is as if a powerful force is pulling men and women together like magnets, to the point where it becomes very difficult to think of anything else!

Soon enough, a sense of obligation, almost like an unspoken contract, emerges between men and women, although this sense of obligation is rarely something that we have been taught. Our instincts tell us that when we have a boyfriend or girlfriend, we shouldn’t become too friendly with other boys, or other girls. Although no formal agreements have been made, a kind of pact emerges, part if the innate knowledge that love is powerful bond. The love that men and women begin to experience from their teens into their twenties becomes the foundation on which they will build a marriage.

Matrimonial love is part of an exclusive relationship protected by the law, into which nobody can intrude, at least not without consequences. When we observe a marital relationship, it looks as though exclusivity is part of the nature of this love. For example, a husband or wife will feel very sad and lonely if his spouse goes out every night and returns home late. As you can see, there is monopolistic element of love that leads to unhappiness when others intrude on that relationship.

Now let’s consider whether this possessive aspect of love is wrong, some people believe that it is human nature to love all people equally, and that everyone should therefore be treated impartially. But what would happen if a woman was friendly to everyone regardless of who they were, and treated all the men she knew, including her husband equally? And what would be the result if her husband were to treat all women in exactly the same way that he treats his wife? It is obvious that this couple would no longer be able to live together, and that their marriage would be destroyed.

What appears to be self-serving is, in fact, part of the dynamic of creating something that exists in a higher dimension, the monopolistic aspect of love between marriage partners can only be deemed destructive when it is taken to extremes-for example, when a partner’s jealousy becomes so strong that it displaces respect for the dignity and freedom of the other person. A healthy dose of possessiveness between husband and wife is acceptable as long as it stays within reason and helps to hold the relationship together. But we should be careful not to let jealousy lead us to try to control our partner or to allow the relationship to become dominated by suspicion, because this is certain to lead to unhappiness.

Is it part of the God’s design that this is all there is to love? No? Of course not. He created romantic love as a way for all of us to awaken to a deeper form of love , and this has proved to be a very successful strategy. No matter how egotistical some people may be, they are still sure to feel attracted to the opposite sex and to experience love for their children. And what we feel toward the opposite sex and our own families gives us an opportunity to discover a higher form of love: eternal love. God has blessed is with basic #human forms of love to help us awaken to the love that we will find in the higher dimensions of the #spirit world. You must understand the need to sacrifice the lesser values of this world for those of a higher plane. The Love for God is far more valuable than the love for people. There is a vast difference between a life based on following the wavering, ever-changing minds of those around us, and a life based on love for the unchanging and everlasting WILL of God. We express that eternal love through our efforts to become representatives of the mind of God. True love is found and expressed by living with God’s mind, or HIS WILL, as our own.🙏