Science: A Double-Edged Sword


“The problem isn’t the machine, it’s the monkeys behind the machines.” Terrence McKenna

Some religious people hate science. Some atheist people made science their religion. But science is not black and or white. Science is used for both good and for harm on extreme levels. Science is a double edged sword. Today, we are hundreds of years behind on our true potential as a species because of the money masters who suppress abundance and technology in order to control us and to squeeze profit from us.

With the right people in control of the technology, we could become much more advanced than we think. Today’s science and all of its technological breakthroughs are funded by profit based corporations, universities and lobbied governments. Thus most of our technology is weaponized, instead of used for humanity. Einstein helped make the atom bomb, the most destructive weapon created by man. Science creates GMO’s, chemical, biological and traditional weapons. The military and private military contractors are the first one’s to get the best technology. Why? Because violence and fear allows one to rule the world with an iron fist. Just look at Yemen today, thrown to the dogs after their people demanded their U.S. puppet leader be removed from office.

In 2008, Donald Rumsfeld was grilled by a congressional committee in regards to over 4 trillion tax payer dollars that was unaccounted for. He eventually admitted to giving the money to corporations for the military and several large banking institutions. Each year trillions of our dollars go into Black Box Projects which have made such progress, in secret of course, that humanity is already capable of interstellar travel. These people plan to leave Earth when it gets ruined, and leave us here to perish. This is why the government is in control of NASA and all of their satellites.

Nikola Tesla was taken for a sucker. He had the genius IQ but he was up against a giant machine. I wish he could have fooled the money masters long enough to create a public demand for free energy. But he did not. He told them his plans to provide free unlimited energy. Where else would he get funds for his experiments besides the rich? There was no social media or kickstarter back then. Tesla created a free electricity tower but never even got to power it on because his funds were already shut down. Today, people recreate the the Tesla coil in their own homes and get free energy. This is a start. Eventually we will have to take all of that money and energy we spend on weaponizing and destroying, and instead heal and rebuild.