Don’t Let Race Divide You

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“So you have two types of Negro. The old type and the new type. Most of you know the old type. When you read about him in history during slavery he was called “Uncle Tom.” He was the house Negro. And during slavery you had two Negroes. You had the house Negro and the field Negro.

The house Negro usually lived close to his master. He dressed like his master. He wore his master’s second-hand clothes. He ate food that his master left on the table. And he lived in his master’s house–probably in the basement or the attic–but he still lived in the master’s house.” – Malcolm X, Michigan State University, 1963

As controversial as the notion may be, we challenge anyone to present an argument disproving it. Remove ego, emotion, and use of fallacy from the equation and THINK about it.  Whites are SLAVES to the same system as blacks and other minorities: the ONLY difference is the level of “privilege” that is afforded to whites, similar to the “House Negro” during slavery.

  • Whites are slaves to debt just as blacks.
  • Whites are recipient of police brutality.
  • Whites get their kids taken away when the State disagrees with their decisions (vaccines, off the grid living, etc).
  • Whites get locked in cages for non-violent victimless crimes (usually involving what they put into their own body).
  • Whites are used and abused in foreign policy, sacrificed at the expense of Anglo-American imperialism.
  • Whites have the fruits of their labor (income) forcibly stolen (taxes). The only difference is the varying degree of treatment.

The “racist white system” simply does not exist and is a divisive construct to keep the people fighting amongst themselves: divide and conquer.

It’s freedom vs tyranny…Period. There is no ideology that better embraces equality than anarchy and the individual and collective acceptance of nothing less than absolute freedom.

As long as you allow yourself to be divided by something as trivial as the color of your skin, you’re part of the problem and under control of the powers that be.

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