Throughout history, people have suffered from discrimination because of views like racism or sexism. These beliefs have led to slavery and violence against women which are now seen as bad by the vast majority of the world but this wasn’t true in the past. Shockingly, they were once thought natural and right in the idea that some humans were inferior. Discrimination such as sexism and racism has not yet disappeared but is now being rejected by large portions of society.

Today most people consider non-human animals inferior. But studies show that they too have emotions, and sensations that humans do such as pleasure, intense pain, boredom, anxiety, fear of dying, and these feelings matter to them just as much as our feelings do to us. Despite this, other sentient beings are confined and killed for food, their bodies are used in experiments, their skins for clothing, and their appearance or behavior for entertainment. Our desire to use them for our benefit is considered more important than the right they have to their own bodies, and unable to protect themselves, we exploit them as they suffer and die by the billions.

The concept that animals are inferior and we can use them solely because they were born with features that are different from ours such as feathers instead of human skin is an irrational and unfair prejudice towards other species, known as speciesism. Speciesism overlooks all our similarities and as with racism and sexism, those without power suffer so that someone else can prosper.

Speciesism the documentary is a must see for all, and takes a deep look into the way most humans think we are a superior species and how we exploit all other forms of life because of this misguided belief.