The Case For a Resource Based Economy pt. 1


The incentive for a better world is something almost anyone but money loving capitlists would be willing to work for. And when they see how it works, they will join in too. Would you not like to see humanity freed from the clutches of central banks? Would you not like poverty, wars of greed and environmental degridation to become things of the past? These are our motivations. These and things like truly pursuing science, instead of it being weaponized and controlled, exploring the universe together, healing those we have hurt. Man, look at all those millions of volunteers across the world from Doctors Without Borders to Volunteers of America, working long hours and not getting monetary or social perks. Look at those modest people who become teachers and other things that require long hours with low or medium salary, and those who donate and help others with their money. We are not lazy, or greedy, or in need of an incentive to “work”. Do not fear the world slowing down to serve humans for once, instead of this fake economy that only exists in our minds. The incentive is a more productive, progressive, loving, enlightened, ever-evolving society.

NOT EVERYONE will get a Ferrari F-40 to own but everyone can access one. Something the capitlaists forget about, the word sharing comes a long way in terms of mansions and very expensive things we cannot afford to have each human own. An RBE is about a shift in evolved consciousness many people haven’t realised – like nobody on Earth can own mansions for themselves while people are starving to death. It’s more sharing and less owning, because what you really want is ACCESS to a ferrarri and a mansion. Maintenance is a bitch anyway. And that’s your EGO saying I want to own, ow, own everything. Well guess what? The Earth is not big enough for everyone’s greed.

Please watch “Captain Picard promotes a Resource Based Economy” on YouTube