The Christ Legend – A Form Of Psych Warfare and Mind Control


As people around the world celebrate “Good Friday” and “Easter”, something has become increasingly apparent: the Christ Legend is an active form of psychological warfare and mind control that is still being utilized on the unaware masses.

It’s amazingly ironic that many “People of Faith” routinely chastise mainstream media, government, etc for its “Anti-God” agenda…Yet those exact same entities actually EMBRACE the mainstream religious perception of “Jesus Christ” and “God.”  Read that again and THINK about it.  How many movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc. have aired that depict Jesus Christ in the exact same way as he is depicted in the Bible and other religious texts?  A white man that performed miracles, was crucified, and rose from the dead.

There are limited non-Biblical historical accounts of Jesus Christ.  Almost all Biblical accounts of Christ were written by people who never met him.  Further, there is much evidence that the “Christ Legend” was actually manufactured by the Roman Empire for political purposes.  Was Christ a real man?  History definitely speaks of him, but almost nothing about the miracles, crucifixion, resurrection, etc.  A quick glance at history should make you question this “official” narrative as well, as there are a countless number of other “Christ like” figures in history that were crucified and resurrected.

So what really happened?  The real Christ was basically an anarchist.  He rejected religion and government, recognizing that both are tools of oppression.  He started from the ground up.  He talked to the poor, the sick, the ignorant, and told them that they too could become like him.  The power of God resides within all man.  The Bible speaks of this, but for some reason, mainstream religious doctrine teaches that God is “external” from us…Which makes little logical sense, as God is also supposedly omnipresent…Therefore how can God be “everywhere” but not within you as well?

  • Jesus Christ was the supreme example of authentic anarchy — the creative non-violent anarchist par excellence — working not from the top down, but from the bottom up with the poor, and the poorest of the poor, to empower people and enable them to realize their potential, as men and women made in the images of God.
    • Dave Andrews, in Christi-Anarchy: Discovering A Radical Spirituality of Compassion (1999), p. 73

Around the time of Christ, the Roman Empire was in the midst of expanding.  Along comes a man that threatens the very core of their power and dominance.  If the people began to not only openly question their rulers (who were almost always FOREIGN INVADERS), but began to reject them and embrace anarchy, what were the resulting implications?  A loss of power and the likely fall of the Empire.  So what to do?

Making the man a martyr (crucifixion) wouldn’t have been the wisest political move as it would’ve only highlighted the rampant tyranny of the Roman Empire.  Instead, would it have been wiser to invent a dramatic tale about the man and begin spreading the story years after he disappeared?  To use an example: would those who lived during the days of Martin Luther King, Jr. or Malcolm X have reacted differently to their assassinations than say, the next generation who was told a tale of their deaths, but never had any personal individual connection to them?

The Christ Legend served as a justification of the actions of the Roman Empire in their oppression of political dissidents.  FEAR became a psychological barrier for the people, knowing that if they too spoke out like Christ, they would likely suffer the same fate (sound familiar to what is going on in the world today?).  It later evolved into a political tool of power as the Catholic church grew.  False depictions of Christ were made “official”, meaning those who “worship” him were actually worshipping a false idol.

Another irony: the religious practices (past and present) of Christians, Catholics, etc. are closely aligned with the “demonic occult practices” of Satanism.  Blood sacrifice, ritiualistic cannibalism and blood drinking, worship of false idols (Cesar Borgia anyone?), etc.

Today the Christ Legend still exists and is being utilized for the same purposes.  Religion itself basically teaches that “God’s will” will ultimately prevail and that we are absolutely powerless to stop it…But is that true?  What if God does exist, but we are all fractals of the infinite divine spiritual energy?  What if WE do have the power to shape our own destiny?  If the masses truly believed and embraced this, would the world be the way it is today?

You be the judge.