The Dirty Truth About Parasites and Gut Health

This is a pic from my personal 1940 Merck Manual. Funny how they only refer to oral mycosis (or thrush) in reference to babies, but since the advent of steroid inhalers and systemic steroids, chemo, autoimmune drugs, etc…even adults commonly have thrush. It (and yeast infections, toe fungus) is a hint at a far worse systemic fungal infection! Now we just give nystatin powder or rinse immediately without even checking diet. Laugh.

Parasites are tiny organisms that live in another host, much at the expense of the host. They compete for the very nutrients that the host needs. Over 100 common parasites are known & many are VERY common even in developed nations. They’re here by the millions. They excrete waste products that are toxic to the body.

How do we get parasites? Parasites are transmitted via water or food, infected meat, contact with infected animals/pets (dog’s fur or mouth so do not let them lick you). or via fecal-oral contact. For example, the fungus toxoplasmosis is a danger to pregnant women and that is why they are not supposed to clean litter boxes while expecting.

Parasites are a well known cause of gut dysbiosis. Little is known about the overwhelming adverse health problems that parasites cause. Doctors usually only test the stool for ova & parasites as well as for the dreaded C diff infection, caused by antibiotics. (Birth control pills also wipe out full gut flora and let the maleficent bacteria take over). The medical tests are inaccurate and parasites are able to hide within the body and stick to our cells, causing a biofilm that is the perfect invisible barrier to allopathic medicine’s incompetent lab work. Lab tests are 20% accurate!

Parasites, bacteria & microbes have been shown to control our very thoughts. In one study, changing just one strain of gut bacteria in mice turned them from fearful to fearless! Research from Dr Mayer of the University of California is showing that the “connections between brain regions differed depending on which species of bacteria dominated a person’s gut. That suggests that the specific mix of microbes in our guts might help determine what kinds of brains we have — how our brain circuits develop and how they’re wired. I personally believe they have the potential to bring out ego and lower emotions & are the demonic possessions spoke of in ancient texts. (

Parasites multiply at an incredible rate. They lay thousands of eggs in a day in the colon, liver, bile ducts, kidneys, & heart. Parasites require different nutrients based on the strain and they induce cravings in YOU so that they are fulfilled with their substrate of choice. Most thrive on sugar or simple carbohydrates, while others thrive on protein. Many steal nutrients from our bodies. Serious damage can be done to vital organs or by simple micronutrient depletion. Parasites are intelligent. They hide during colonoscopies & are thought to move together (think a school of fish) by sound vibration. They learn to adapt to keep from being detected. They can live undetected inside us for DECADES and due to vague symptoms like skin eruptions, acne, itching, brain fog, chronic fatigue, IBD, constipation & nausea, they go virtually undiagnosed.

One study found that 1/3 of people with chronic fatigue that were tested, were found to be infected with Giardia parasite . Another study found 1/2 of people tested were infected with Candiada albicans (yeast). A study at the University of Virginia found that Entamoeba histolytica parasite produces a toxic subtance in the body that attacks the very immune defense cells that INACTIVATE the HIV virus.

What can you do to avoid parasites? They are virtually unavoidable, but if your body is functioning as it is supposed to without a high toxin load & a proper diet, then the liver and bowels should be able to rid itself of these bugs…too bad we don’t live in that world. Eliminate all sugar from the diet and grains are beneficial to remove for a time as well. Eat organic. Pesticides lower immunity and promote parasitic overgrowth. Wash fruits and vegetables in apple cider vinegar. Oil pull and cook with coconut oil. Wormwood requires 15ml a day but no more as it can have side effects. Anything that supports healthy gut bacteria-Prebiotic food, probiotics which help restore natural immunity (good bacteria) in the gut. Epsom salt baths, exercise, proper sleep wake and cycles, vitamin C & D are things that boost natural immunity. Other helpful antiparasitic herbs/foods include black walnut hull, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, oil of oregano, garlic, pumpkin seeds, and food grade diatomaceous earth, which binds the suckers right up. Remember that parasite die offs can cause intense immune reactions as your body recognizes the foreign invader and disspells it. Fever, chills, body aches & diarrhea are common. Being educated is the best prevention.