The Intimate Connection Between the Endocrine and Chakra Systems

Why should we care about the endocrine system? We all know someone with diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer, hypothyroidism or chronic fatigue syndrome. These disorders are all directly affected by improper activity, or inactivity, of the endocrine system. Hence we all should wonder what is happening with our necessary and important endocrine glands.

The endocrine system consists of ductless, glandular organs that secrete hormones and enzymes necessary for digestion, hormone production and regulation,  immunity, metabolism, fat utilization, glucose uptake into energy conversion and sleep/wake cycles. As I’ll attempt to connect later, the endocrine system is so crucial because it connects to the invisible yet very present spiritual chakras and meridian lines in the body. The organs present within this system include the pituitary, the pineal, the thymus, the pancreas, the adrenal glands, and the testes or ovaries.  The toxins and chemicals in today’s water, food and air are directly attacking our endocrine systems. It is imperative that the collective understand how this system works and the importance of proper function. Only then will you understand the gravity of avoiding processed food, fluoride-laden water, heavy metals, xenoestrogens, plasticizers, pesticides and lab synthesized pharmaceuticals.

Whats the importance of the glandular organs? The pituitary is involved in a very complex biofeedback loop that involves the hypothalamus in your brain and numerous other target organs. It helps to regulate release of hormones that tell your thyroid, ovaries/testes or adrenal what to secrete and when.  Under stress the adrenals are told to release cortisol, the thyroid is told when to produce more or less thyroid hormone based on metabolism, and the ovaries in females, release hormones in relation to monthly cycles or menopause. In a male, the body makes and eventually releases testosterone after numerous androgen building block steps. It even secretes hormones telling our bodies when to grow and mature. All of this is due to communication from the pituitary! The pancreas and digestive tree are the main detoxifiers. Once they back up and malfunction, our other glands become toxic as well as all is connected. Then we are at risk for heart disease, neurodegenerative disorders or autoimmune diseases due to toxin and chemical overload which deregulates the processes built into our DNA.

Sadly the assault on health for profit is real. Hospitals and the medical mafia cannot make money if people are actually well. The fillers for extended shelf life, heavy metals in vaccines and EMF and cell phone towers all aid in changing our DNA.  Fluoride partially blocks our spiritual antenna. The endocrine system is the victim. As it plays a crucial role in directing and controlling chemical messages that affect protein and enzyme production. These toxins are affecting our message system, stagnating our immunity, metabolism, spiritual connectedness and reproduction. Surprisingly, that’s not all.

There is a specific reason that the endocrine system is especially special. Each gland is connected to one of the seven chakras. Chakras are spinning energy vortexes connected to the spiritual, not physical body.  They tie us to our higher self and to God/source/intuition. Physically harming the body can also harm the chakras that are attached to them because the chakras are an energy system that communicates with the physical body. Everything is energy! Disturbances in the subtle energy of the chakras translate into physical manifestation and symptoms. Depending on our genetic and emotional predispositions, the combination of chakra and/or physical toxin overload eventually produces disease in an organ that is susceptible, based simply on our unique personal risk factors.

The endocrine system and its spiritual chakra connections:

1. Sex organs/root chakra-The testes and ovaries are sex organs responsible for sex androgens, or hormones. They communicate with the pituitary to secrete monthly progesterone and estrogen or surges of testosterone depending on gender and age. If these hormone ratios become abnormal, then one might witness precocious puberty at younger ages, more reproductive/prostate cancers, painful menses, weight gain, abnormal menses and sex drive, mood changes, depression or increased acne. There would also be an increase in infertility with imbalanced levels. Sound familiar?  The spiritual connection to the sex organs comes with the root chakra, which is responsible for safety and basic needs, and connected to the reproductive glands. You can see how molestation or rape would affect one’s safety and trust issues, damaging this chakra through direct physical abuse of the gland.

2. Adrenal glands/reproductive organs/sacral chakra: The adrenal glands sit atop each kidney and are responsible for the rush of warm, frantic energy you get right after you avoid a car accident. We all know that feeling! If constantly stimulated by stress or trauma, the adrenals can burn out as they ensure proper adrenaline or epinephrine as well as cortisol release. The adrenals’ claim to fame is the “flight or fight” syndrome. Imagine what years of competitive schooling or a continuously stress work environment does to our poor adrenals? Unfortunately, western medicine continues to turn its nose up at adrenal fatigue syndrome.  The adrenals are connected to the sacral chakra, which is responsible for some of the sexual organs as well as the adrenal gland, oversees immunity, emotion and vitality. It can easily be burned out from suppressing emotions or adrenal fatigue due to chronic stress and release of the “flight or fight” hormones.

3. Pancreas/biliary tract/solar plexus chakra– The pancreas is a gland located just above the stomach and digestive tract in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen. It is crucial in glucose uptake and conversion of energy for building blocks. In response to eating a meal, it releases digestive pancreatic enzymes and ushers in bile, necessary for proper breakdown of nutrients. It is also the only gland in the body capable of making and secreting insulin, which exports glucose into cells. Damage to this organ system is common and results in diabetes and pancreatitis.  The solar plexus chakra, the center of willpower, confidence and ego, is connected to the pancreas and biliary tract. It oversees digestion, detoxification, bravery in groups, and self esteem. Not knowing oneself, indecisiveness, or extreme fear can produce bowel and digestion issues, disrupt beneficial gut flora and damage the solar plexus chakra.

4. Thymus gland/heart chakra– The thymus helps to produce killer T cells, which are experts are in recognizing foreign invaders within the body. The thymus’s function is also somewhat of a mystery although it is linked to immune function. We do know that it is responsible for a large part of our immune system that is located in the lymph system. It is located behind the sternum, near the heart and begins to shrink after puberty. The heart chakra, connected to the thymus gland, helps regulate the nervous system, anxiety, compassion, and harmony. Damage to the heart chakra is common in western countries due to left brained energy, justice over mercy and the standard American diet. As you can see, the fatty, chemical filled food in the west damages the heart musculature and forms plaques in the arteries. Coupled with less compassion towards others and an overworked heart muscle, this is a recipe for a closed chakra and heart disease. Think about how many Americans have chest pain, cardiac stents or open heart surgery. Diet plays a large role, but is not the only factor in this epidemic. You can stimulate immunity and produce relaxation by tapping on your sternum to awaken the thymus gland.

5. Thyroid/throat chakra– The thyroid is a small gland located at the throat, below the Adam’s apple.  It is a sensitive gland that helps to regulate the body’s metabolism. The thyroid requires iodine, a member of the halide family, to function properly. It can be offset by any other halide which can take its place, such as bromide in bread, chlorine in pools and hot tubs, and fluoride in water (which comes from China’s toxic waste)! The throat chakra, connected to the thyroid gland, governs expression and freedom of speech. If overactive, you might be domineering and a poor listener. If underactive, you might feel suppressed in your true feelings. It becomes damaged by not speaking your personal truth or telling yourself lies. This is also common in western countries.  Unfortunately, the toxins in today’s world are able to offset the thyroid rather easily. Moreover, most people also feel their voice is suppressed in their job or daily life. This is also a recipe for an autoimmune condition of the thyroid due to emotional damage to the chakra.

6. Pineal/pituitary/third eye chakra-The pineal gland is somewhat of a mystery to western medicine, however for thousands of years, it has been the center of spirituality in eastern countries. It is known to help regulate sleep wake cycles through the release of melatonin. It also helps to regulate sexual maturation. Recent breakthrough studies have shown that it has the potential to release a psychoactive, short-lived substance responsible for enlightenment in mediation and near death experiences. Known as the third eye, it is located behind the optic nerve at the center of the brain. The third eye, or Ajna chakra is connected to the pineal gland and pituitary gland. The pineal gland is easily calcified due to fluoride in water by age 17 on MRI scans. This is your spiritual antenna to the ether and your higher self. If damaged, you will be separated from source and your sixth senses. Luckily this is reversible with proper care and detoxification. The pineal gland is also thought to possibly secrete DMT, a natural psychoactive substance that is postulated to be responsible for near death experiences and deep meditation. The pituitary is one of the main control centers in the brain that helps to control release of hormones using a complex biofeedback loop finally affecting target organs.

7. Pineal/pituitary/nervous system/crown chakra-The crown chakra is also the pineal and pituary gland plus the nervous system. It is the center of enlightenment and spiritual connection. It is cone shaped and is in the middle of the brain behind and above the pituitary gland. It is necessary for these two organs to work together in opening the third eye.  Eastern traditions have postulated that the pituitary is the masculine energy whereas the pineal is the feminine energy and they meet in the third ventricle, where there is union of spirit. Together they force us to look inward for change and proper action, but only when we are connected to our higher self and the present moment. These forces also work to properly run all biologic and higher sensing intellectual functions.

It is imperative that you take heed in avoiding toxins and chemicals in toiletries, cosmetics, deodorants, shampoos, soaps, lotions, household cleaning products, teflon cookware, synthetic prepackaged food, pesticides, heavy metals, antibiotics and synthetic medicine. Understand that you must learn to walk in your own path, unafraid of what society and the world thinks. It is a difficult battle to leave your heart open in such a world, but it is necessary. Love all, but do not care what they think of you. Know thyself, thy weaknesses and strengths, thy power and light. Only then will you be able to remove blockages and detoxify your physical body. Only then will the higher self be able to connect with your ego and provide you with the spirituality you have been missing. Your emotional, spiritual and physical body are all intimately tied together. Take care of yourself.