The Kids of Cannabis: The Herb that Heals a Nation


The boy on the bottom of the photo was racked with siezures after a brain hemmorage when he was 3 weeks old. Here’s what his mother had to say after administering cannabis oil treament to her son.

“To see him recognize me and acknowledge me … is something that cannabis has given us that we didn’t have before. There’s nothing negative that I can think of. He’s laughed for the first time. We’ve seen his personality shine. I’ve never had that, for 2½ years. And he’s happy and he enjoys his life and we enjoy him. And he is just love in a human body. Everyone that holds him and touches him — he’s just a light. And he’s just the sweetest child, and he just is a blessing everyday.” ~ Katie Hawk

A miralce. After a state law passed this year, Georgia residents like Katie can now legally possess and administer cannabis oil. Cannabis, a miracle herb, has proven its worth time and time again for many sick children, beyond those suffering seizures. Here are just a few famous cases.

MyKayla Comstock: Cured cancer
Forest Smelser: Stop siezures
Charlotte Figi: Reduces Severe Dravets syndrome
Cash Hyde: Cancer improved until state law prevented treatments, died.
Rumer Koessler: Cancer improved until father arrested on drug charges.

Don’t wait for the law to tell you it’s okay. Cannabis oil is still only approved by certain states to treat medical conditions like seizure disorders, Cancer, ALS, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, mitochondrial disease, Parkinson’s disease and sickle-cell disease.

Meanwhile, those who make Oxycontin must have finally lined enough pockets in Washington, because the FDA just approved the use of the opiate in children. Don’t be shocked. Our federal policy allows alcohol poisoning, military enlistment and tobacco smoking, all things which lead to death and decay, over cannabis use. Keep pumping your kids on drugs and see how stable, happy and healthy they grow up to be. There are horrific ling term effects of putting your children on federally approved drugs.

Oncologists have called Marijuana a “wonder drug” for the past 25 years for helping cancer patients. The American Society of Clinical Oncologists and the American Medical Association want cannabis to be removed from a Schedule 1 drug. Physicians in all 50 states want to be able to prescribe Medical Marijuana. Police unions, prison owners, big pharma and the politicians they make rich as hell are the only one’s opposing medical or any sort of marijuana use. They have billions of dollars, perhaps trillions, to invest in their fight against a moral and just world. I’m not sure what calling, petitioning and emailing your government will do in the face of such opposition.

We can’t afford to wait anymore. Cannabis has to be completely decriminalized and legalized across the world. Prohibition is destroying families lives and causing deaths. Just ask the current and former undercover cops, FBI, DEA, prosecutors and judges, who have formed an organization called LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. They’ve seen firsthand the damage prohibition causes.(

Parents, do not poison your children because someone thinks they’re uncontrollable, or “sick”. Give them a real chance at life. Don’t fall for the propaganda by the billionaire drug pushers. It’s all a lie designed to keep you and your family enslaved, and them in power. Don’t let the drug dealers/doctors fool you into ruining your child’s life. Nature has provided everything he or she needs to be in perfect mental, spiritual and physical health.