The Mask of Civilization

“Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.” ~ Deepak Chopra


There used to be a time when every single day was a new adventure and a learning opportunity.  When we just lived our life, instead of scheduling it down to the tee.   Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that we got stuck into classrooms at such a tender age while our minds were still growing, fed information we weren’t truly seeking, then got tested and graded like lab subjects.  We were free spirits until we were ruled by the fear of failiure and nonconformity.  We were told that the purpose of this regimented education is for our benefit, so that we can make something called money when we grow up.  But take a look at the bottom photo again.  Did those people really grow up, or did they just GIVE UP?

You see, for those central bankers and uber rich executives who control economies and governments – entire nations, it isn’t about the money – but the power behind it.  Money is simply a tool of control to these people.  They give us money and we give them our time, energy, our hopes and dreams.  The aspirations of childhood all go into the graveyard, or we twist them around to convince ourselves what we really want is to make money.  We lie to ourselves so that we don’t feel too guilty when our souls are begging to express themselves and be free again.  So that we ignore the talents, hopes and power within us. That’s not civilized at all of you ask me.

We wake up every day, but for what?  There are no fruit bearing trees around anymore, no clean running streams, no land to build something upon.  We live a prison where everything we need to survive is sold to us by corporations solely for profit.  Most of the food we have access to eat is designed for profit, not for nutition and optimal body performance.  Most of the television we are given – designed for profit and control, not true reporting or objectivity.  Most of the medicine we take is designed for profit, not healing.  This isn’t what we set out to do, so why do we do it?

Why do we wake up every day to work for a system that keeps us in line as cattle and destroys the natural world?  We wake up to work their meaningless dead end jobs, to fight their wars, to destroy our own freedoms, to suppress technology, murder animals, lie to the masses, to keep technology and abundance in a few hands.  But that isn’t what we wanted to do, is it?  Again, I must ask – why do we wake up every day?

Perhaps we feel like it’s supposed to be like this.  After all, we were fed bullshit about the normalcy of life being a struggle, working hard to pay the bills, saving money by labor to hopefully get rich.  In an effort to survive we give up the chance to thrive.  They give us money and we give them our world, our freedom and ultimately, our lives.

This is all part of the mask of civilization.  We like to think we’re so special, rolling around in cars and using technology that very few of us even understand, thinking we are so smart.  In reality, human beings are still tiny babies.

We haven’t done much in outer space since landing on the moon nearly 60 years ago, we still can’t answer all the existential questions of who, what, why and how we got here, or at least we can’t accept the truth of it; we just recently got over forced physical slavery in the Western world, and still practice it in many other parts; we can’t sustain, maximize or responsibly share our planet’s resources; we can’t or at least haven’t chosen to harness the natural energy around us; we pay corporations for food created in a lab and shipped from miles away; we learn life through edited textbooks and the past experiences of others; we seek hapiness the temporary external world without ever looking to the timeless source energy within; we have amassed all this stuff around us, only to be so empty inside ourselves.

As humans, the time for change is very much right now.  We could demonstrate all that we’ve learned from history and our past mistakes, change the nature of our political and economic ways, or we can demonstrate how ignorant and controllable we are, running towards the first illusion of choice only to be flung even deeper down the rabbit hole.  Why should we be stuck in that quagmire?  We shouldn’t.  The matrix control system has many levels, and is deeper than people think they know.  All we have to do is stop running the matrix and all its levels will collapse.  From the bottom up.  We are the foundation.  If we pull our energy out the rest will come tumbling down.  Be all that you can and want to be.  Support movements and people, instead of corporations and governments.  Take time to set goals and play in nature.  Tune into your own frequencies.  The Lovelution is here and now because there is no other time and place in history for it.   Just like you.  Be a part of it.  Be a part of history.  Be the change!