The Truth Behind the Roswell Crash

On July 8, 1947 the US Air Force issued a press release stating that they had recovered a crashed flying saucer near the town of Roswell, New Mexico. They had been alerted to it by a rancher, “Mac” Brazel, who found it on his ranch about seventy five miles northwest of Roswell. The Air Force later came out with another press release that it wasn’t a crashed flying saucer, but rather a downed weather balloon.

However, the story had already circulated around the world and skeptics were hesitant to believe the Air Force would act so carelessly and release a public statement about an object that they didn’t fully understand. If you are going to make a bold, revolutionary statement such as announcing you discovered an extraterrestrial object, most people would agree you would have to be certain beyond a doubt that was the case. It is hard to imagine how a weather balloon could be mistaken for a flying saucer. Thirty years later the first person involved in the incident finally talked; Jesse Marcel, the base intelligence officer. He told Stanton Friedman, a physicist and professional ufologist, that he had “held pieces of a flying saucer.”

According to Major Marcel’s son, Jesse Marcel Jr., his father had awakened him from sleep in the middle of the night and dropped pieces of metal all over the living room floor. He recounted seeing hieroglyphs on the metal. Major Marcel was on his way back to the military base with the artifacts but he was so excited by the exotic objects that he had to stop at home first to show his family.

Major Marcel described what he had found as “a spaceship from another planet” and by going public with Stanton Friedman in 1978 he gave others the courage to do the same which unleashed a massive amount of eye witness testimony. The Roswell crash occurred in 1947 and by 1978 many of the people involved were getting to the end of their life and wanted to come forward with the truth about what happened on that fateful day. Many people who were exposed to the crash site were detained and threatened with their lives if they talked to anyone. The Air Force went to great lengths to silence witnesses and it wasn’t until the passage of time that many of the witnesses felt comfortable, both for their own safety and their families, to come public with the truth. What do you think about the Roswell crash?