UBUNTU – 5 Steps To Healing The World


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

Imagine a chain of inner city communities that can feed, police, and maintain themselves, without the need for welfare or excessive work hours. This is the goal of the UBUNTU community project. We still have the means to avoid a hate breeding violent confrontation with some of our brainwashed brothers and sisters. We are not getting anywhere fighting each other over anything. Only a few people run the system, and only our acquiescence perpetuates it.

Change doesn’t mean more jobs and less unemployment. It doesn’t mean supporting and perpetuating the debt based economy. It doesn’t mean a black face or female energy. Change is when people contribute a few hours a week to make their community self sufficient. Change is Ubuntu. This is when people question, grow sick and tired of, and slowly get away from the 9-5 system in order to build abundance through contributionism. That is, volunteering on community projects according to your time and strengths. There are five major steps we can take towards true freedom.

1. ENGAGE people in your community about how we should be sharing and taking care of each other and the planet, not only corporations and fictional government entities. If and when the next big scenario occurs, our governments can shut down our water, communications and access to food. That is a nightmare scenario, a very real nightmare. Interdependent communities are the safe, effective and natural way to go. This creates a sense of defense, security and abundance, even without technology.

2. ORGANIZE people in your block into a cohesive movement that can put pressure on local officials and sustain themselves. Get a book. Write down the names, numbers, interests and skills of those in your community. See what they have to offer and when. Who is okay with security, gardening, multiple roles? This list may be very short in the beginning. That’s perfect. You want something that works. As it does, it will grow.

3. FUND each other. Just like the power mongrels, war harks and psychopaths do. I just launched a gofundme account for a small project: https://m.gofund.me/8z8gxy8gbw

Once they awaken, people always ask what they can do to fight the system. Well, it’s all about community. We have to build anew. We have to use parts of the system against itself. I started a gofundme project to get the Lovelution ball rolling in my original neighborhood. Support it with your words, funds, or just sharing. Gardening tools, garbage bins, seeds, plants, bricks and mesh wire to make gates, crates to place free food, etc. We can use money to bring about the positive change we need, until money is no longer an object.

4. CONTACT local non profit organizations like Green Thumb, Bronx Green Up, etc. And let them know we would like a community garden and greenhouse in our neighborhood. Tell them our vision. Many non profits exist to help green up the city. With their support, there are no limits.

5. ACT on our ideas and vision. We start neighborhood watches, and mostly watch THE POLICE. We growtest, turning our once trash strewn blocks into a beautiful sight to see. We cooperate with nonprofits to create self sufficient abundance in the inner city.

Reality in the future will be very different from what we see today if we apply our good intentions and motivation. Nothing is stopping us but ourselves. We have nothing to lose but our mental and spiritual chains!

Resources/Similar ideas: Ubuntuparty.org