Welfare & Debt: Blame the Poor?


“In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.” ~ Confucius

Whenever I hear somebody complain about working “hard” so people can be on welfare it boils my blood, racks my brain, bothers my soul. By creating some moderately successful slaves, the economy turns them against the unsusccessful slaves. Cops get nice salaries yet look at the public who pays their salary as an enemy. People who used to be poor get a nice job and forget where they came from all the damn time. They are extremely ignorant though, and their anger and frustration needs to be directed somewhere else entirely.

How about these facts, welfare bashers: If corporations were not bleeding our economy dry, and politcians were not helping them, you wouldn’t have to work so hard in the first place. If the federal reserve wasn’t printing money out of its ass and the Federal government bailing out crooked financial institutions and corporations, you wouldn’t be paying for as much welfare. Corporate welfare is exponentially more problematic than social welfare. George Carlin once said: “Conservatives say if you dont give the rich more money, they will lose their incentive to invest. Then they say as for the poor: They’ve lost all incentive to work because we’ve given them too much money.”

Corporations pay for the campaigns of politicians and then recieve exponentially larger subsidies (free money/welfare) once that politician gets in office. Let’s say you’re a construction contractor and you donate 1mil to my campaign as governor. When am elected am sending you 80% of all state contracts, turning your campaign contrubution into a beautiful investment. From 2009-2010 big oil, coal and gas corporations made $347 million in campaign contributions and got a whopping $2 billion back in subsidies. It works like this, favor for favor, money for power, throughout all industries and levels of government. If you think these corporations are blessings for planet and the people, think again. Corporations receieving the highest subsidies, like oil conglomerates, hide their money offshore, evade taxes, pay minimal wages and or contribute to the supression of free energy and ecological destruction.

We give them tax breaks, subsidies, bonuses, stock options, perks and discounts and privileges.

We cut their social programs and implement drug tests for qualification. Something being experimented with in Europe where people get check just for being alive. Every experiment so far has proved that it contributed to the economic, physical and mental health of the people.

Between the war on terror, drugs and the poor, this is trillions of dollars we are talking here. And corporations are supposed to be people now according to our law, yet they are getting more perks and rights than living breathing human beings do. Meanwhile, we cannot even discuss having a basic income for fear of Republicans calling us socialists! Socialism seems all well and good when the rich people are keeping themselves rich and getting richer, not so much when you extend that opportunity to the common folk. You see, regular welfare allows you toeat but barely, and leaves you in the fucking slums. Corporate welfare gives you bonuses out the ass and pays you to fuck up the economy so it can bail you out in the end.

The true stats should boggle minds. Each year:
You pay $37 for the EBT and SNAP program vs $4000 for corproate welfare subsidies.
You pay $247 for defense vs $22.88 for unemployment.
$400 billion are lost in tax evasion techniques used by corporations (offshore holding, tax breaks, etc.)
This is 5x more than the entire EBT program costs, which feeds 50 mil+ people.

So in the end, you really “work hard” to pay off tax breaks and subsidies given to bloodsucking corporations. You pay for the War on Terror through the military industrial complex, and make the elite profits by paying for mass incarceration through the prison industrial complex. In the end, it isn’t the people on welfare you should be mad at in the least, but those monstrous corporations and the politicians who do their bidding. That’s where the money goes, not into the lanky pockets of people who can barely make ends meet. So to fiscal conservatives and those brainwashed by having to “earn” their living, your anger is being directed to the wrong people. Go somewhere else with that ignorance.

“Why is that if you take advantage of a corporate tax break you’re a smart businessman, but if you take advantage of something so you don’t go hungry, you’re a moocher?” ~ Jon Stewart