Why You Should Never Vote


The Fallacy of Politics: If people are not even fit to lead and police themselves, then how can people responsibly lead and police others?

“If a system depends on the right person or the people being in power, it’s a bad system.” ~ Young Americans for Liberty

Here we go again, being fooled by the media into giving up our power. Maybe if politics wasn’t a front for the money masters of our world, maybe if we could actually count on our votes, maybe if it were not possible to bribe/lobby our representatives – maybe then I could see the point in voting for a leader. As it stands today, there is NO hope for Bernie Sanders, the Green Party or any alternative candidates to Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. People are carefully chosen to sell us lies, to make up excuses, to repeat the same dribble about freedom and democracy without backing it up. Go ahead. Feel important. Like you did something good. Like that vote actually mattered. Because when our children are dead from the next false flag attack designed to expand the reach and profits of our military industrial complex, it won’t be me who feels responsible. Our only hope is to abandon politics for a grass roots change, as history has shown us. Then, we flip the system on its ass via #Iceland – no more money, no more lobbying, no more POWER in leadership.

Presidential candidates across the world promise people the world before taking on their roles. Once in office, they only prove to take away our individual rights in a quest for absolute power for the State. They do this through fear and distraction, in their name of God and country. The media is the unofficial ally to The State and its never ending war on the consciousness of their own citizens. It’s what’s best for society they say. Never remember that society is formed by a collective of individuals, and that if the individuals are happy and healthy, society is too. If the individuals are free, society too is free. By saying things like “This is best for the whole”, political reps get away with murder, or even genocide, literally. Remember when Bush came on TV and said war with Iraq and Afghanistan was the best thing for our society? Remember that, because of 9/11, we got to invade 7 sovereign nations and now control their resources. Remember that Iraq was not going to sell its oil for the USD, and neither was Libya, and remember that Afghanistan has all these poppy seeds and lithium. Remember that Iran to this date has not installed a central bank owned by a Rothschild, the only nation in the world besides North Korea and Cuba (maybe soon to change). Remember all this when it’s time to vote again for your “leader.

Unless you want more of the same corporate backed oppression, leave this system alone. Bad enough that representative democracy doesn’t even work, we actually have bribery embedded into our political system. People get the type of government they deserve. If we could, as Iceland before us, jail the politicians, businessmen and bankers making Washington corrupt, that is a start. We then remove money from politics and the federal reserve from our system. We then reelect honest people, go back to a republic, and transition into self leadership by using the Internet to give everyone a voice.

Let’s be real: Bush and Clinton, and every other candidate chosen for us will give us more of the same big government, war, debt, tyranny and oppression. New Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker promotes more American nationalism and war mongering on CNN. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could last watching terrorists rally against terrorism. The irony is as scary as the reality we live in. The situation is this: Whenever a truly caring, moral candidate stands up for the people, the corporate media destroys them. The system is rigged, folks. Mass exodus from the voting polls will send a proper message: We are done with this corrupted system of lobbying and legal bribing, of campaign contributions and empty promises to the people.